India3 crore ration cards canceled due to non-connection with Aadhar card: Supreme...

3 crore ration cards canceled due to non-connection with Aadhar card: Supreme Court issues notice to govt, state governments

The apex court said that it was serious to say that 3 crore ration cards had been canceled for not linking to the Aadhaar card and ordered the Central and State Governments to send notices to respond.

On September 28, 2018, Santoshi, the 11-year-old daughter of Devi, died of starvation in Simdeka district of Jharkhand. Santoshi’s family is a very poor Dalit family. Authorities have canceled Santoshi’s family ration card for not linking the ration card with the Aadhar card.

As a result, the Santoshi family has not received ration items since March 2017. Thus, at one point 11-year-old Santoshi died of severe starvation. His mother survived only by drinking tea and salt water.

After the incident became known to the outside world, a welfare case was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of Santoshi’s sister Devi.

The case is set to be heard on December 9, 2019 Supreme Court The order issued directed all state governments not to link the Aadhar card with the ration card but to respond to those who were denied ration items and starved to death.

The federal government has filed a reply petition in the Supreme Court on the issue, saying no one in the country has died of starvation. Aadhar card No one was denied food on the grounds that it was not.

The case is being heard by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court SA Babde, AS Bopanna, V.S. Ramasubramanian led the inquiry today.

Senior Counsel Colin Gonsalves appeared on behalf of petitioner Coyle Devi. Central government Additional Solicitor General Aman Legi appeared on behalf of the party.

At the time, petitioner’s attorney, Colin Golsalves, said, “We are arguing the biggest issue. Central government 3 crore ration cards have been canceled. “

Solicitor General Leggy replied, “Petitioner’s lawyer is lying. 3 crore ration cards. Central government Not canceled. Notices have been sent to the Central and State Governments in this regard. “

Colin Gonzalez, then quoted as saying, “The notice was sent in the main case, but not in the case of the cancellation of 3 crore ration cards. It is a matter of starvation.”

Asked about this, the judges said, “This case should not be a case between the two parties. It is very serious. We are bringing this matter to a final hearing.”

The then Chief Justice SA Babde said, “I have faced a similar case when I was a judge in the Mumbai High Court. The petitioner seeks relief in various forms considering the broader scope of the case. Central government To which the answer must be given. State governments must respond within the next four weeks. “


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