3 months in my farm house.

3 months in my farm house.

Young hero Sharwanand has made a name for himself by making a variety of films. He is enhancing his image day by day by choosing different stories to make a difference to the film industry. Another good film made by Sharwanand on this journey was ‘Srikaram’. Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta produced the film ‘Srikaram’ starring new director Kishore B. Priyanka Arul Mohan as the heroine under the banner of 14 Reels Plus. ‘Srikaram’ will be released on March 11 on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. Interview with Hero Sharwanand on this occasion.

What do you like most about this story?
As shown in the trailer, our predecessors relied on agriculture. But today no one is coming forward to choose agriculture as a profession. The point that the farmer’s son in particular did not want to be a farmer seemed very new. The film goes on to touch on the points that no one recognizes that agriculture is as profitable as any other business. The film shows how farming can be done using modern technology without leaving the job being done. If all the villagers do joint farming together, the profits can be shared equally by all. An image that shows how governments can solve their own problems without relying on them.

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What impact do you think this movie will have on the audience?
Telling such informative stories to the audience in a commercial style is like wielding a sword. What we wanted to say was something other than lectures in particular .. We tried to add good entertainment to that point, emotions and make it understandable and acceptable to everyone. Helping farmers is shown as everyone’s duty. All these elements will provoke thought in everyone when the movie is released tomorrow.

How is your transformation from a software engineer to a farmer in this movie?
My role as a young man who has been aiming to farm since childhood is different. Why did he quit his job with the idea of ​​becoming a farmer? It is impressive what kind of opposition he encountered from his father in this order. The sentiment between father and son in the film moves the mind. It does not address farmer issues or contemporary issues. Inherently a fine love story is mixed.

What did it feel like to be a farmer?
Nako Farmhouse is located in the vicinity of Hyderabad. Until then I had not been able to go there much as I was busy with shooting. Stayed there for three months in Lockdown. It was during this time that he began to like farming. Awareness has grown in me on the new policies coming in the field of agriculture. I have no pleasure beyond that. If I think there are no movies I will definitely choose agriculture as my profession. There are no special scenes written like in the movie ‘Shatamana Bhavati’. That’s all there is to a good message conveyed by me. Now I feel it is my responsibility to bring such a good film to the masses.

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There is a good response to the song ‘Vastanantivo’. What is your feeling?
In fact it is not my meter. But, I did say that everyone is excited if you do. Penchail Das provided good lyrics and voice. Mickey once again gave good music after ‘Shatamana Bhavati’. Also, I met Rao Ramesh again after 12 years. I also did it with Naresh Gari a long time later. Everyone is happy to be a part of a good movie.

Tell us about Director Kishore ..
It is very difficult to write a story like this. It’s even harder to say it’s commercial. It is called ‘Array Art Film’ even if it makes a small difference. A good love track as a complete commercial without anything like that all put together and did very well by definition. This movie is his real story. In particular, our producers have been the backbone for the film to come out so well. Dil Raju, after UV Creations, seemed to take care of everything if there were similar producers. ‘Srikaram’ was done on a movie budget. Safe Project‌. Everyone is happy.

Chiranjeevi called KTR for the pre-release event. What is the reason?
Chiranjeevi and KTR were invited as the chief guests for the pre-release ceremony in the belief that they would be closer to the audience if they talked about the film. We are planning to show the film exclusively to KCR and KTR. Prabhas had called earlier. Send the trailer, teaser .. it looks extraordinary .. I will post it on social media.

What are your favorite pictures?
I plan to release three films starring myself this year. ‘Adavallu Mee Joharlu’, directed by Kishore Thirumala, is a complete entertainer. ‘Ocean’ is 80 percent done shooting. Also making another film in Telugu and Tamil languages. Apart from these, a film in Tamil has been accepted.


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