World3600 big trees were uprooted from Malaysia and brought to Qatar

3600 big trees were uprooted from Malaysia and brought to Qatar

Doha: Elegance Group, a private company, says it has uprooted 3,600 giant trees from Malaysia and brought them to Qatar. Henrik Christiansen, Elegance’s chief executive officer, said the company had come up with this complex and challenging mission as part of its support for Qatar’s greening plan for land security.

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During the two-week voyage, a ship with special facilities was used to transport the trees to Qatar without damage. The trees, up to 18 meters high, were brought to Qatar by uprooting them into huge carriers 20 meters deep.
Heinrich Christiansen, CEO of Elegance Group, said that successfully reaching 3,000 nautical miles of trees of various sizes was a milestone in the company’s history. The successful completion of this arduous and arduous mission was due to the efforts of their expert officers.

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He added that this will help enhance the reputation of the company, which has a track record of successful completion of projects undertaken.
The project was completed after months of preparation. The journey started after plucking the roots without damaging them and fixing the new roots in the new soil for three to four months. The ship was completely disinfected before the voyage. It is supported by special supports to prevent large trees from falling. The company said it had set up a system to provide water to the trees throughout the trip.

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