4 video angles if Indian players appeal; Do we have an...

4 video angles if Indian players appeal; Do we have an angle? – England player Crawley dissatisfied with the referee’s decision

If Indian players appeal, watch 4 video angles. But, if we appeal the referees only look at it from one angle. England player Crawley said the referee’s actions were unsatisfactory.

The 3rd Test between India and England is being played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Batting first, England were bowled out for 112 in the first innings. Indian bowler Akshar Patel took 6 wickets and Aswin took 3 wickets.

In this Indian batsman Rohit Sharma was stumped in leach bowling. When the England players appealed to the 3rd umpire in this regard, TV umpire Shamsuddin said it was not out. A third arbitrator also denied appeals against Schubmann Gill.

England player Crawley has expressed pain and dissatisfaction with the TV referee’s decision.

In an interview with Crawley, he said:

“I am just happy with the decision of the TV referee. We are now behind in the competition. The hard time deciding on the out is not in our favor either. The opportunities we had didn’t help us either.

When we bat, the referees look at the camera from a 4 to 6 camera angle and announce the result if the Indian players appeal to us to knock them out. But, when we are fielding, the umpires, when appealing when the Indian team is outplaying, look only at a camera angle.

It is painful when the Indian players are not fully explored whether they are out or not. But, I left the matter to Captain Root, the senior players.

Since I am a young player, I think it is better not to interfere in this situation. It was easy to bat on this ground against the fast bowlers. But it was hard to bat against the spinners. Yet we should have scored extra runs. It would have been a challenge for the Indian team if they had scored 200 runs.

Thus said Crawley.


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