India5 state elections including Tamil Nadu: Plan to send more than 250...

5 state elections including Tamil Nadu: Plan to send more than 250 companies of Central Armed Forces soldiers

Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Pondicherry 25 The federal government has reportedly decided to send more than a thousand Central Armed Forces soldiers.

Legislative elections are scheduled to be held in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bengal, Assam and Pondicherry in April-May. Election Commission officials have already spoken to the Home Ministry about sending the necessary forces to complete the elections smoothly.

Accordingly, the Interior Ministry has decided to send more than 250 company troops to these 5 states. The CRPF, BSF, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Central Industrial Security Force and Shastra Shima Pal are to be deployed for security.

According to Union Home Ministry officials, more than 250 companies of central forces are planned to be sent to West Bengal for the 5 state assembly elections, of which 125 companies will be sent to West Bengal, 45 companies to Tamil Nadu, 40 companies to Assam, 30 companies to Kerala and 10 companies to Pondicherry.

This number is Election Commission This is the first estimate after recent talks with senior officials of the Union Home Ministry. Election dates Election Commission After the announcement, the number of companies in the middle forces will vary depending on how many phases the election takes place.

This 250 Company Forces Go, 75 Company troops will be kept ready alone. These 75 Company troops will be immediately dispatched to any state where it is needed for security.

These 250 companies will include CRPF 85 companies, BSF 60 companies and IDPP 40 companies. All forces have been instructed to gradually move to their respective states from now on. In the first phase, 12 companies have gone to West Bengal. Company troops are going to go to Tamil Nadu soon. “


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