India71 kg of litter in the stomach of a stray pregnant cow;...

71 kg of litter in the stomach of a stray pregnant cow; Survivor’s tragic death

In the stomach of a pregnant cow wandering the streets 71 kg of garbage Once diagnosed, the operating cow will do the same The tragedy of the dead Occurred in Faridabad.

Studies show that about 50 lakh cows roam in cities across India. These often live on waste and plastic dumped in the streets.

Meanwhile, a cow wandering the street in a road accident in Faridabad last February was rescued on behalf of the People for Animals Foundation. When the veterinarians tested it, it was revealed that the cow was pregnant and it was fighting for its life.

The operation, which lasted 4 hours, found about 71 kg of plastic, nails, marbles and other debris from the cow’s stomach. It was decided to remove these before delivery. However, the calf died due to lack of space in the mother’s uterus to grow.

3 days later the mother cow also died tragically. Earlier in Haryana, a maximum of 50 kg of plastic waste was removed from a cow’s stomach and the treatment was successfully completed. But this time the cow and the cow that had 71 kg of garbage died.

Such reports show that plastic waste management and street animal care in India are not regulated.


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