A farmer who landed in a field to plant rice .. Seeing...

A farmer who landed in a field to plant rice .. Seeing that scene, baboy .. heart gubel ..!

Usually we see ant mounds .. we see a flock of sheep .. but, have you seen snakes in the mounds? Sounds like tears are guessing! Hundreds of farmers were heartbroken to see a herd of snakes in one place on the farm. Workers came to the farm to plant rice as usual. When they were about to get down to work .. they suddenly blew the fuses at the sight of what appeared there.

Snakes appeared in mounds and mounds everywhere. All those who stood in the way of this were supported by fear. The incident took place at Gurrabbadu village in Guntakallu zone of Anantapur district.

A farmer named Ramanjaneyulu from Gurrabbadu village planted rice seedlings in his field. As a precaution to prevent the worm from getting into the putra, he sprayed the thymmet solution and filled it with water. Two days later I went to the farm and saw some snakes dead in the paddy field floating in the water.

The vigilant Ramanjaneyas drew water from the pond, suspecting that there were still snakes. After all, Sean looked inside and the fuses blew in his head. There are tens of dead snakes as well as a few other surviving snakes. Realizing where they would be bitten if they stepped on the farm, he gently pulled them out one by one with the help of a stick and even killed the survivors.

Farmer Ramanjaneyulu said that it is natural to have snakes in the fields, but this is the first time in his life that he has seen more than a hundred snakes in one place. He was worried that the snakes might have come and gone before Narumadi Veyaka or from an adjacent bend but if he had not spotted them in advance on the farm, he and his laborers would have been bitten by the snake. However, the Ramanjaneyas sighed that agriculture could not be abandoned as there were snakes.


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