A hacker claims that Bolsonaro suggested he falsify a ballot box to spread his theory of electoral fraud

A hacker who worked for a far-right deputy confessed this Thursday in Parliament that former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro suggested that he invade the electoral justice networks in order to demonstrate the supposed fragility of the voting system ahead of last year’s elections. .

The computer expert Walter Delgatti has told a parliamentary commission investigating the assault on Congress on January 8 that the far-right ex-president even promised him “a pardon” in case he was discovered and arrested for these illegal operations, framed in the Bolsonaro’s harsh campaign against electronic voting.

He has also declared that the ex-president and some of his advisors suggested creating a false electronic ballot box, which would be used in propaganda and in which a voter would mark his vote for one candidate and would be registered in favor of another, which would be the ” proof” that the system was fraudulent, as Bolsonaro argued without evidence.

Delgatti has specified that his meetings with the then president were mediated by the ultra-right deputy Carla Zambelli, with whom he worked at the time, and that Bolsonaro even sent him five times to the Ministry of Defense to discuss the matter with computer experts from that department. .

Against electronic ballot boxes

According to what the hacker has said, the meetings with Bolsonaro were at the official residence of the Presidency and in those meetings he explained to the president that the voting systems could not be violated due to their robust protection mechanisms.

Faced with this, it was suggested that he create the false ballot box, which was not carried out, and invade other justice networks, in which he did enter, and even uploaded a false arrest warrant against Judge Alexandre de Moraes, president of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

For his campaign against the electronic ballot boxes that Brazil has used since 1996, without ever registering a fraud, Bolsonaro was tried by the TSE last June and stripped of all his political rights for eight years.

The central point of the accusation was a meeting that Bolsonaro called at the official residence of the Presidency with fifty foreign ambassadors on July 18, 2022 to insist on his campaign to discredit the electoral system.

In that meeting, broadcast on public television, Bolsonaro tried to convince diplomats of alleged fraud that would allow electronic ballot boxes and even suggested that the electoral Justice was conspiring to favor the current president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who ultimately won those elections.

The meeting with the ambassadors was the final straw in a campaign against electronic ballot boxes to which Bolsonaro became even more belligerent since March 2021, when the Supreme Court annulled the corruption trials that led to Lula’s imprisonment, who has since passed to lead all electoral polls by 2022.

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