A lot of people will join their religion ... In the desire...

A lot of people will join their religion … In the desire to rule the world, I will pay for myself and make you convert …

Political parties deceive the people. They say the government will give a job to someone at home. If so, why not give it a ‘washing machine’; Why build a house?
– Retired IAS, Officer Sakayam

‘Whom has the desire for power left … A lot of people will join their religion … In the desire to rule the world, give money, make people convert … In order to go towards that desire, give VRS, and start the party .. .It’s the same desire that drives me to do all this … ‘, apparently, in an interview with a retired IAS officer to jump into politics.

DMK’s election manifesto, artificial; Depends on selfishness. But the AIADMK’s election manifesto is natural; Depends on the public interest. The DMK’s statement will fail
– TMC, Chairman Wasan

‘Thus, you have searched so hard for words to praise the party, because the AIADMK likes it, no matter how much you speak,’ said TMC leader Wasan in a sarcastic statement. .

Gujarat businessman Gautam Adani has been named the world’s highest-earning billionaire this year. Is it normal to beat Tesla’s Elon Musk and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to win the millionaire race? Is Brahma hungry for life if he thinks?
– Peter Alphonse, one of the spokesmen for the Tamil Nadu Cong

‘Those entrepreneurs, work day and night; They are making progress … why do you see … ‘, Peter Alphonse, one of the spokespersons of the Tamil Nadu Cong.

We will be in Tamil Nadu, under the Tamil regime, like Denmark, a transparent administration free from corruption; Free education for all, just like South Korea.
– Seeman is the chief coordinator of the Naam Tamilar party

Seeman Patti, the chief co-ordinator of the Naam Tamilar party, was quick to say, “Like North Korea, if you speak out, we will make the man disappear …

Chief Minister Binarayi Vijayan, who belongs to the Kerala Marxist Communist Party, is the Chief Minister only for his party; Not the prime minister for the people. The BJP will remove his rule and form a government.
– Kerala BJP, Chief Ministerial candidate, ‘Metroman’ Sreedharan

‘Now, if the BJP, which has only one MLA, rules in Kerala, it will be a Himalayan achievement …’ Sreedharan speech.



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