A MINI story .. a paperboy boy who is having a romance...

A MINI story .. a paperboy boy who is having a romance with ‘in this magic’ .. this time differently in Uvicreations


  • Paper Boy Fame Santosh Shobhan is coming up with a MINI story film
  • Different concept movie under UV Concepts banner
  • Lyrical song release in this magic

Giving opportunity to new directors .. UV Creations is a production company that is receiving a series of successes. UV Concepts Banner was started as a subsidiary. The first look of the movie ‘Mini Mini Story’, which has completed production under this banner, has just been released. Does Size Matter The poster impresses the audience.

Santosh Shobhan, who gained recognition as an actor with the movie Paper Boy, is playing the role of a hero in this movie. There is a good response to his look. Recently in this magic of this movie .. Lyrical song has been released. It is getting good response from the audience. Praveen Lakkaraju’s music along with good lyrics brought more vanity to this song.

Merlapaka Gandhi, a well-known director who directed successful films like Venkatadri Express and Express Raja, narrated the story. Karthik Rapolu is shooting a single mini story movie. Ravinder is the Production Designer. Gokul Bharathi provides the cinematography while Praveen Lakkaraju composes the music. Satya took charge of editing. Chitraunit will announce more details about the film soon.

Cast: Santosh Shobhan, Kavya Tappar, Brahmaji, Saptagiri etc.
Director: Karthik Rapolu
Production Company: UV Concepts
Production Designer: Ravinder
Story: Merlapaka Gandhi
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Cinematography: Gokul Bharathi
Editor: Satya


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