EntertainmentA new twist in 'our' election .. Hema who was incensed that...

A new twist in ‘our’ election .. Hema who was incensed that the photos were morphed


  • A new turn in ‘our’ election
  • The actress who morphed the photos
  • Hum Fire on Karate Kalyani, Naresh

A new controversy has now come to the fore in the Movie Artist Association election. So far, Telugu is not .. Local non-local got into an argument. Families went to work. But now there is a serious war of words between Hema vs. Karate Kalyani. Hema climbed onto the road as she morphed her photos and looked at her dignity.

Hema Media has come forward that Naresh and Kalyani are tarnishing their reputation by making false allegations. Simultaneously complained to the Returning Officer. Hema said they were afraid they had any evidence. Spills trampled on his personality. The conversation between the WhatsApp group seems to be the reason for this.

What has happened so far? What happened in the WhatsApp group conversation? Is elusive. Hema has complained many times in the past that she is morphing her photos and posting them vulgarly on social media. Hema also claims that Naresh made fun of her during the compliant. However, when Hema went to comply, Karate Kalyane recalled that the police had told Hema to delete some photos. Kalyani asks Hema if the photo of her holding the glass while wearing shorts has not been deleted.

Hema asked the election official to refrain from making false propaganda. Hema advised members to behave without tarnishing our image. Naresh and Kalyani seem to have forgotten this and are behaving incensed. Hema demanded that action be taken against both of them and take disciplinary action without the right to vote.


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