WorldA spike in fraud via Telegram was recorded

A spike in fraud via Telegram was recorded

Phishing messages using banking brands began to be massively distributed on Telegram. VTB, Gazprombank, and Otkritie told Izvestia about this trend. In particular, VTB clarified that the number of phishing pages on Telegram using the bank’s brand increased 15 times in August. UBRD confirmed that the largest number of links to phishing sites are distributed in Telegram channels.

“Today, clients are most at risk in social networks and instant messengers. These resources are often not responsible for advertising and do not ensure the safety of users. Some sites receive money from scammers and post unverified information. And while posts are being blocked, many clients manage to become victims of fraudsters and transfer their personal data to them, “VTB Senior Vice President Nikita Chugunov told Izvestia.

In the second quarter of 2021, the Bank of Russia sent requests for the removal from delegation of 1,449 domain names on the Internet, using which illegal activities were carried out, the Central Bank told Izvestia. According to the regulator, over the same period, the number of phishing attacks doubled, to 1,160,000.

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