A treasure trove of time; 2000 years underground; Amazing Pompeii...

A treasure trove of time; 2000 years underground; Amazing Pompeii chariot

In 79 AD, Pompeii was submerged in a volcanic eruption. This ancient and prosperous Italian city was covered in ashes

Pompeii Horse Chariot

Researchers have unearthed a chariot from a Pompeii mine on Saturday. The excavation took place at a site outside the present Pompeii suburbs. Researchers have dug up the site amid complaints of illegal mining. Researchers call this an amazing discovery. Luckily the chariot was found almost completely preserved. The researchers told the Associated Press that the researchers had never found such a good archive in Italy. Photo Credit: Pompeii Sites / Luigi Spina

Unique discovery


A four-wheeled chariot was found. It is believed that three of these horses were locked up. It is made of iron. The decoration is made of bronze. Wood mixed with minerals is another important building block. The chariot was parked in the stables of a palace. The remains of horses were found in a previous excavation here. This is mining that has been going on for months. Photo Credit: Pompeii Sites / Luigi Spina

How did this chariot survive the volcano?


The city of Pompeii was burned by Vesuvius in 79 AD. Researchers believe that the roof and walls of the stables collapsed in the quake, causing the chariot to survive. Under a layer of building debris under the lava and ash, it is understood that the chariot survived for a long time without being damaged. Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the Pompeii chariot. Photo Credit: Pompeii Sites / Luigi Spina

The richest man in the city of Pompeii


The chariot was found outside Pompeii, where a very rich mansion stood. It was a huge mansion built overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Researchers found two skeletons in the same area. Researchers have found the remains of two men who are believed to be the rich master and his slave. Researchers at the time said that they were reduced to ashes while trying to survive a volcanic eruption. Photo Credit: Pompeii Sites / Luigi Spina


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