After 20 years, I will remake 'Gaali Sampath' myself: Sri Vishnu

After 20 years, I will remake ‘Gaali Sampath’ myself: Sri Vishnu

Young hero Sri Vishnu has made a name for himself in the Telugu film industry with films like ‘Appatlo Okandundevadu’, ‘Needi Nadi Oke Kathin’, ‘Mental Madilo ..’, ‘Brochevarevarura’. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who is currently playing the title role of Sri Vishnu, is playing the title role in the movie ‘Gaali Sampath’ Lovely Singh is the heroine of the film, which is screenplayed and directed by blockbuster director Anil Ravipudi as the presenter. Anil co-director, writer and friend S. Krishna co-produced the film with Image Spark Entertainment Banner as producer and Shine Screens. Directed by Aneesh, the movie will be released worldwide on March 11. Interview with Hero Sri Vishnu on this occasion ..

How did this project get started?
Anil Ravipudi called and said ‘I need to call you once’. Also Sahu and Harish have known me for a long time. If they call and tell a story like this, what does it mean to tell a story to me? All of them are commercial films. I am making different films with new directors. Apart from that, Anil Ravipudi has come and supported my two or three films earlier. People who come to our event and give us energy. That is my honor. I went to see if it was Saare Rammannaru. This movie says the point. ‘How is it .. let’s do it if you like’. Very good .. I said yes. The director then told me to set up the technicians. When asked who is doing the father character, Rajendra Prasad said yes. That’s when I got an idea of ​​what this movie was going to be like.

3 months in my farm house.
Is this movie your story, your father’s story?
Not that someone is one. In this story, I and Father are both together.

Rajendra Prasad on the set, how were the discussions between you?
I will do my job once I am ready and enter the shooting atmosphere. Rajendra Prasad used to take advice and suggestions from Gary during the break as most of the shooting took place outdoors. Aina would say very well. Made 12 films in a single year in the 90s. He said that 8 movies were played for 100 days. How are all the characters selected and how are they done? When asked such questions he would answer very loudly. It helped me a lot to know how to select different stories after calling him. There is no need to take any inputs for this character. I was able to do it very easily. I did almost every shot in a single take.

What is the reason for choosing a mold queen as a music director?
Achchu did a song in Tamil. I personally liked it a lot. This team is also going to be nice to hear. I told them we could put him as the music director or put the song on as well. They said let’s do it with the same music mold. So we took the mold as a music director. Along with that song, the Fifty song that comes with Father Emotions in this movie is also very well done. A good background score was also achieved.

How much scope does a girl have in a father-son story?
The core emotion in this movie is only on Father and Son. The rest of the part will be entertaining. Lovely Singh is the new girl. Very well done. His characterization is sure to impress the audience.

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How do you live with your parents in real life?
So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. I’ll tell them everything. Ever since you were a kid you have never been pressured to do it hand in hand. I have faith in myself. That’s why I mostly do movies that have more emotions in my house. One of the reasons for this is that we are more connected with our family members.

Long schedules are mostly planned as there are more newcomers. The whole team went to Ara and shot there for 30 days. The interior was screened in Hyderabad. The shooting went smoothly as the entire film was planned in advance. Discussions between us were very healthy. Good runtime .. There will be no confusion even for the audience. Families love young children even more.

Do you select good stories? Or are you writing good stories just for yourself?
This is the one I used to rush for stories. Now good good stories are coming to me. Was very happy.

If a director other than Anil tells this story, will he make a film?
In fact, I am not going to go to Anil Ravipudi’s jonner .. This is the story that he came to my jonner and prepared. What’s set for me .. so definitely do. Also I think a lot of people will remake this movie in different languages. If I have a chance, I will remake this movie after 20 years playing the role of Rajendra Prasad myself.

What about the corresponding pictures?
Currently, ‘Rajarajachora’ is ready for release. ‘Arjunan Falguna’ is 60 per cent shoot complete. Then I do a cop biopic (Police Officer biopic) with a new director. Also I am doing another movie with my first movie ‘Arrow’ director. Exactly three films will be released this year.


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