WorldAfter it was lifted a year and a half, the Zamzam wallets...

After it was lifted a year and a half, the Zamzam wallets return to the Prophet’s Mosque

The affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque have returned the Zamzam water containers to their places in the Noble Prophet’s Mosque to serve worshipers and visitors, with a commitment to applying precautionary measures, after they were lifted more than a year and a half ago due to the Corona pandemic.

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, represented by the Zamzam Watering Department, analyzes random samples from different locations of the blessed Zamzam water, to ensure its safety and free from any contaminants.

The Director of the Zamzam Watering Department, Abdul Rahman Al-Zahrani, explained that the Zamzam laboratory represents an important element in maintaining the quality and safety of Zamzam water, and it is a special department equipped with the highest technologies and equipment, and a specialized technical staff that takes random samples on a daily basis from cylinders and smart carts, and all the means that have been developed after The pandemic, the precautionary measures required, conducting the necessary tests, raising the results to the management first hand, and carrying out other similar measures such as washing and sterilizing tanks, drinkers and taps, in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

He pointed out that the number of samples withdrawn for the year 1442 AH reached more than 7380 samples, which were taken from filling points, mashrabiyas, external tanks, cylindrical bags, carts and bottles of blessed Zamzam water.

Keepers of Zamzam in the Prophet’s Mosque

Sampling of Zamzam

Samples are taken from any source of the blessed Zamzam water inside the Haram as follows: Sterilizing the sampling place with alcohol before taking the sample – Taking the sample in a professional manner to preserve it from external pollutants – Putting the sample in the container designated for it until it reaches the laboratory for preservation.

Zamzam water samples are taken from Zamzam well, Zamzam cooling stations, Zamzam water tanks, Zamzam water drinkers, Zamzam water filling points (cooled and not), in addition to Zamzam wagons with smart taps (cooled and non-cooled) and portable Zamzam water bags inside the Grand Mosque. And in the squares.

And he added, “The process of examining Zamzam water samples is carried out using the technology used in the examination, including physically by making sure that they are free of any impurities seen with the naked eye, and chemical testing by analyzing all its compounds with specialized devices and matching them with specifications and measurements. There is a bacteriological examination by examining the water with materials dedicated to culturing bacteria and microbes It uses special, high-efficiency techniques dedicated to testing water in the laboratory, including chemistry devices, an instant test device for chlorine, a pH meter for acidity and alkalinity, and a device for analyzing all water compounds and elements.

The laboratory also has microbiological devices, which is a device for incubating bacteria and their growth in the fastest time, to detect bacteria and microbes, and a safety booth device to work on cultivating bacteria in an environment isolated from any external pollution, to ensure the level of analyzes – a microscope device to know the types of bacteria and their source, and that the duration of the examination It ranges from 24 to 72 hours for a microbiology, and 2 to 4 hours for a chemical examination.

Al-Zahrani stressed that such tests are carried out to ensure the safety of the Zamzam water network and that it is free of microbes and pollutants, in order to ensure its safety and that the blessed water reaches visitors and pilgrims pure and healthy.


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