Again Akshar, Aswin Kingdom: Curled in 205 England: 200 for the 2nd...

Again Akshar, Aswin Kingdom: Curled in 205 England: 200 for the 2nd time

Akshar Patel, Aswin The kingdom continues in the 4th Test. Unable to cope with the bowling of the duo, England were bowled out for 205 in the first innings of the last Test at Ahmedabad.

England have crossed 200 for the second time in a four-match Test series.

At the end of the first day’s play, India added 24 runs for the loss of one wicket. Rohit Sharma (8) and Pujara (15) are on the field. India are 181 runs behind England’s first innings score.

As in the last 3rd Test, Akshar Patel was Ashwin’s spin bowler in this match. Akshar Patel 4 wickets for 68 runs; Aswin They also took 3 wickets for 47 runs. Dangerous batsmen like Root, Barstow and wickets Mohammad Siraj Tilted.

This is the 3rd Test match for Akshar Patel and he is moving towards the big record of taking 22 wickets so far.
The ball does not bounce or spin as much on the field as in the last match. The pitch is in a way that cooperates well with the batsmen.

If batting relaxed, the batsman can score well on this ground. But it is safe to say that the England batsmen did not seem to be able to cope with the spin of Aswin and Akshar.

Especially when the opening player Sibley stumps to the left of the ball and says what’s the point. Even the opening player Sibley came straight without playing the ball Akshar Patel Boldness in bowling is not to blame for the pitch.


There is no substandard on the pitch. But the problem with the batting of the England batsmen is that the England batsmen are unnecessarily frightened by the Indian spin bowling and are too lazy to predict that they will spin too much.

If the batsmen of the Indian team bat relaxed without worrying about wasting balls, they can score well. If the Indian team scores more than 400 runs in the first innings, the innings is sure to win. The first innings score is seen as very necessary as the nature of the pitch in the last two days will contribute to the addition of spin.

The only big consolation for the England team was the batting of Ben Stokes. Batting casually, Stokes hit a fifty and was dismissed for 55. Lawrence added 46. Only two took a somewhat respectable score.

England, who were strong with only 5 wickets for 166 runs, lost the remaining 5 wickets for the next 36 runs. England were bowled out for 205 in 75.5 overs.

Crawley and Sibley started the game. In the beginning Akshar Patel Was invited to bowl. In the 6th over bowled by Akshar, Audi was bowled out for 6 by Sibley. The last time many England batsmen did not know how to play the ball that came straight to the stumps, they batted thinking the ball would turn and snatched the wicket. No one has yet learned a lesson from that experience.


Next, Burstow banged in and joined Crawley. Akshar bowled in the 8th over to take the ball to Mohammad Siraj for a crawl in the mid-off direction. Crawley was dismissed for 9. England lost 2 wickets for 15 runs.

Captain Root batted for the 3rd wicket and joined Barstow. In the 13th over, Siraj was bowled out for 5 in the quarterfinals. Stokes, who came in for the 4th wicket, along with Barstow hit occasional fours.

At stumps, England were 74 for three. Shortly after the lunch break, Burstow snatched the wicket

Mohammad Siraj was bowled out for 28 in the quarterfinals by Burstow. Burstow and Stokes added 48 runs for the 4th wicket. This is the highest partnership today.

Next Ole Pope stepped in and joined Stos. Batting very patiently, Stokes hit a fifty off 120 balls. Shortly afterwards, Stokes added 55 as Sundar bowled an unnecessary reverse sweep and lost the wicket.


Lawrence was fielded to strengthen the backline batting. But none of the back-row batsmen who cooperated with Lawrence batted. Pope added 29 runs Aswin In bowling, he gave a catch to Shubhamkill and was dismissed.

Ben Fox (1), Pace (3) and Leach (7) then lost their wickets. England were bowled out for 205 in 75.5 overs in the first innings.

On the Indian side Akshar Patel 4 wickets, Aswin 3 wickets, Mohammad Siraj 2 wickets and Sundar took one wicket.


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