WorldAlina Zagitova reacted to the brutal murder of Kuzi's cat

Alina Zagitova reacted to the brutal murder of Kuzi’s cat

Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova urged to fight against flayers. So the athlete commented on the news of the brutal murder of the cat Kuzi in Severldvinsk.

“I believe that we must fight against animal husbandry”, – wrote Zagitova on her Instagram page, reposting messages from volunteers who are engaged in animal rescue, and accompanying her post with crying and angry emoticons.

The highly publicized brutal murder of Kuzi the cat was committed in early October. Inhabitants of Severodvinsk Artem Lavrentyev and his partner Anna-Victoria Gromovich are suspected of a crime. It is known that the couple stole the pet from Artyom’s mother in order to annoy her. The cat lived with a woman for 14 years. The couple filmed the abuse of the animal and posted it on the Internet.

In Russian cities, an action “Signature for Kuzya” began, demanding a harsh sentence to both those suspected of torturing and killing a cat. You can subscribe in cat cafes that can be found in major cities of Russia. The collection of signatures is also carried out on the Internet. To date, more than 206 thousand people have signed up to prosecute Anna-Victoria Gromovich and Artem Lavrentyev.

On October 1, the police opened a criminal case on the murder of the cat, the remains of the animal were sent for examination. Flayers face up to five years in prison.