Allu Arjun: Anasuya who expressed her desire in front of Bunny .....

Allu Arjun: Anasuya who expressed her desire in front of Bunny .. says with a heart stone and says ‘death is cold’


  • Chavu Kaburu cold pre-release event
  • Allu Arjun as Special Guest
  • Anasuya revealing his desire in front of Bunny

The pre-release event of ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ starring Karthikeyan and Lavanya Tripathi was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Stylish star Allu Arjun was the chief guest at the event. The item song in the film was Anasuya’s special attraction.

Speaking on the occasion, Anasuya said .. Johnny Master is the reason for doing a special song in this movie .. That is why we will start with him .. If the story of this movie is one height, the song back story of ‘Lotaram in the upper belt’ is another height. Thought a lot to do this song .. but definitely wanted to do it after hearing the song lyrics. Sanare, who wrote this song, was young but .. he wrote the truths of life in the song. We have tried to say that this generation understands how to say it. Director Kaushik Sir .. This is a pre-release event so it has to be called Sir .. Thank you so much for believing that I myself will do justice to this song. Producer Bunny Vasu is very happy to work with Hero Karthikeyan as well.

Bunny who came as a special guest .. We have to make a movie together sir soon .. When I spoke to the media on this song it was very difficult .. Many asked what is your character in the flower .. Sukkusar are you listening ?? I had a heart stone and told him not to ask me. This is the song that made the character with the weight after Rangammatta did. I hope to do it with Bunny soon ‘, said Anasuya in front of Bunny as the venue for the event.

However, when Anasuya asked that in front of everyone, Bunny gestured as if it was okay and kept smiling. We have to see Rangammatta .. What kind of plans does Workout do to spill with Bunny Babu .. Which director will come forward.


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