Allu Arjun campaigns for Karthikeyan movie .. Basti Balaraju hits a chance!

Allu Arjun campaigns for Karthikeyan movie .. Basti Balaraju hits a chance!


  • ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ pre-release event on March 9
  • Stylish star Allu Arjun is the chief guest
  • Karthikeyan tweeted that Sana Sana thanks

Karthikeyan became an overnight star after receiving a blockbuster hit with the movie RX 100. Not only as a hero but also as a villain in ‘Nanny Gang Leader’. However, Karthikeyan did not receive that level of hit again as a hero after the RX 100. But now he looks set to receive the biggest hit of his career with ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’. The main reason for this is that the film comes from the Allu Arvind compound.

GA2 Pictures, which has produced super hit films like ‘Gita Govindam’ and ‘Pratiroju Pandage’, is producing ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’. Presented by Allu Arvind. With this, everyone focused on this movie. In addition, the publicity content that has already reached the audience has raised expectations on the film. Karthikeyan’s look and mannerisms as Basti Balaraju are impressive. The latest release of the mass song ‘Paina Pataram’ has also raised the hype of the film. This is because Anasuya is stepping in with Karthikeyan in this song.

Not because of me .. I was able to do it because of Johnny Master: Anasuya
The popularity of ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ is now doubling. The reason for this is stylish star Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun will be the chief guest at the ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ pre-release event on March 9. With the arrival of Bunny, the film is sure to get more publicity. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with Bunny being the chief guest. But, it is good that Karthikeyan is coming as a bunny guest to the film event. Hence, Karthikeyan also said thanks to Bunny for his style.

Karthikeyan tweeted a poster saying that Allu Arjun will be the chief guest for the pre-release event of the movie ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’.

Lavanya Tripathi opposite Karthikeyan played the heroine in this movie. Kaushik Pegallapati is being introduced as the director. Karam Chawla provided the cinematography for the film, which was composed by Jacques Bezoy. Satya G Editor. GM Shekhar Art Director. Sivakumar Bhujula provided additional dialogues. The film, which stars Aamini, Murali Sharma, Rajitha, Bhadram, Mahesh and Prabhu in the lead roles, is set to release worldwide on March 19.


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