IndiaAn average of 80 murders daily in India; UP முதலிடம்;...

An average of 80 murders daily in India; UP முதலிடம்; Decrease in abduction cases: NCRP information

The daily average in India is 80 Murder cases Are registered in 2020. Overall 29 193 people have been killed and the highest number of murder cases has been registered in Uttar Pradesh National Criminal Archive (NCRP) reported.

A statement from the National Criminal Records Bureau today said:

“In 2020, an average of 80 people were killed or charged daily in the country,” he said. In one year only 29 A murder case has been registered against 193 people. This is one percent more than in 2019, 28 thousand 915 in the last 2019 Murder cases Were recorded. Daily 79 Murder cases Reported.

In 2020 Abduction cases This is a 19 percent decrease compared to 2019. 84 thousand 805 in 2020 Abduction cases As of the date of registration, one lakh 5 thousand 36 cases were reported in 2019.

Uttar Pradesh has a maximum of 3,779 by 2020 Murder cases Reported. It was followed by 3,150 in Bihar, 2,163 in Maharashtra, 2,101 in Madhya Pradesh and 1,948 in West Bengal. Murder cases Reported. 472 in Delhi Murder cases Reported.

38.5 percent of those killed in homicides were between the ages of 30 and 45. 35.9 percent are between 18 and 30 years old. 16.4 percent are between 45 and 60 years old. 4 percent are over 60 years old.

12 thousand 913 in the year 2020 Abduction cases Reported in UP. It was followed by West Bengal with 9,309 cases, Maharashtra with 8,103, Bihar with 7,889 and Madhya Pradesh with 7,320. 4,602 cases were reported in Delhi.

88,590 people were affected in 84,805 abduction cases last year. Of these, 56,591 were children. Others belong to the adult category. ”

Thus NCRP The report said.


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