Anasuya reaction on the movie 'Pushpa' .. No matter how many offers...

Anasuya reaction on the movie ‘Pushpa’ .. No matter how many offers come, it will not leave! Zabardast Beauty that is open


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Anchor Anasuya Anala or popular actress Anasuya Anala are people who are in a confusing situation. Opportunities are coming in this range for this formidable bhama. Anasuya is in Yama Josh as new offers are coming on this TV and silver screen. We heard that this salesman, who has revealed his talent on the big screen, is also acting in the movie ‘Pushpa’. Anasuya recently clarified the matter and gave clarity.

‘Pushpa’ movie is being made under the direction of creative director Sukumar with stylish star Allu Arjun as the hero. Rashmika Mandana opposite Allu Arjun plays the heroine in this movie which is set against the backdrop of sandalwood smuggling. However, the talk is that Anasuya is playing a key role in this movie, her character is as important as the stage movie and the hot dose will be inflated. In this context, Zabardast Beauty has recently opened up condemning those campaigns.
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Anasuya said that she has not received any proposal from the ‘Pushpa’ film unit till now. She clarified that she will not act in this film. She said she would definitely do it if such an offer really came. Anasuya, who said that she is now getting good opportunities from other industries as well, said that no matter how many opportunities came, she did not leave television. Bollywood directorial producers are also in touch, but Anasuya says her first priority will always be TV. She said that if she likes the character, the movies will do okay.


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