Anasuya video that started with 'Pina Pataram .. Lona Lotaram .. Kelikisoodu'

Anasuya video that started with ‘Pina Pataram .. Lona Lotaram .. Kelikisoodu’


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‘Pataram above .. Lotaram in Ida .. Inu Basu will say Lokam Yavvaram. Upstairs is a nest in gold .. Look at Keliki, there is no nest at all ‘.. This is it !! This week is a bit different .. This song is all the same. In that, if Anasuya jumps on the sari for this song and takes more steps, it will be a feast for the mass audience.

Anasuya, who is not only a formidable anchor but also an item singer, is busy with an item song called ‘Pina Pataram’. Recently another item song was added to her account. It is known that the item song was shot on Anasuya in the movie ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ starring Karthikeya Gummakonda and Lavanya Tripathi. There has been a good response with the recent release of posters for this item song.

The promo for the latest item song was released on Saturday. The full song will be released on March 1 at 4.05pm.

The mass steps that are being envied by saying ‘Pataram on top .. Lotaram on the left .. Look at Keliki are not known at all’ are like Zabardast. There is a range of envious gestures to suit the lyrics.

The song was sung by Mangli and Saket and tuned by Jacques Bezoy. Sa Na Ray wrote this song. Directed by new director Kaushik Pegallapati, the film is set to release worldwide on March 19.


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