Anil Ravipudi movie with Balakrishna .. Star director who said interesting things...

Anil Ravipudi movie with Balakrishna .. Star director who said interesting things in ‘Gali Sampath’ interview

‘Patas’, ‘Supreme’, ‘Raja the Great’, ‘F2’, ‘Saarileru Nikevvaru’ .. Anil Ravipudi is the director who has given five blockbusters in a row. He is currently directing ‘F3’. He said that if a star director like him is involved, even a small film can be turned into a big film. He provided the screenplay for the film without relinquishing his responsibility. Supervised by the director.

Srivishnu and Lovely Singh as the heroines .. The film stars Dr. Rajendra Prasad in the title role and introduces Anil Ravipudi’s friend, co-director and writer S. Krishna as the producer. He also wrote the story for the film. Directed by Aneesh, the movie is set to release worldwide on March 11. Anil Ravipudi slammed the media on this occasion. He also talked about his projects along with film highlights.

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How did ‘air wealth’ begin?
My friend S. Krishna worked as a writer for all my films. He wrote the story ‘Gaali Sampath’ to be introduced as a producer. When I heard the title ‘Gaali Sampath’, I thought it was a man who turned to the wind. But it seemed very interesting to me that there would be a ‘wind property’ character that would just blow air without getting the word out of the note. Other than that I watched some English films. ‘Cast Away’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘127 Hours’ .. There are no movies in Telugu in such a genre. Also how can a person who does not fall into a pit come up? I was impressed by the concept. As a presenter, I traveled with the ‘Air Wealth’ team. We have completed the ‘wind property’ as a team work.

What do you say about making Anish?
‘How so?’ Made by director Anish. I saw the movie. Anish‌ Sensible‌ Director‌. I did what they needed to do without disturbing the film unit in the pit scenes and climax scenes that come in the second half. This is the first film for my friend Krishna and others. So we took some extra care.

How much is your guidance in terms of script for this film?
I helped in terms of the script. Especially looking at the screen‌ play. This is the story that takes place at the hill station in Araku. How could a speechless man fall into an abandoned 30-foot well behind a house? What were the conditions he faced when it rained? Why didn’t they bury that well before? The story of ‘Gaali Sampath’ revolves around those issues. The film focuses on nature. Rajendra Prasad‌ and Srivishnu were made father and son. Along with them the rain also played a role. Nature is a beautiful element of how this speechless person who feels like a villain traveled with that nature. All of this has been blended to fit the story.

What are the roles of Rajendra Prasad and Lord Vishnu?
In this movie, Rajendra Prasad and Srivishnu are father and son. Fatherhood is a goal. Son is another goal. Two separate lanes. The story of the jealous ‘air treasure’ that takes place between the two of them in this order. Rajendra Prasad did wonderfully. Lord Vishnu played the role of a son who was troubled by his father. Lord Vishnu also has a good love track. This love is also a reason to increase the distance between father and son. As mentioned earlier, rain also looks like a villain in this movie. See how it is in the movie. The audience is sure to be thrilled. Family audiences and children still love the movie ‘Gaali Sampath’.

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Your name is there so the audience will think it is a complete entertainer just like your previous films!
I do not know if my name is Complete Entertainer. Does not look like ‘F2’. The first part of the movie is fun. There will be good emotions in the second half. So far I have not filmed in the Village backdrop. The film had that experience with the association. Seemed a bit new. What if a speechless person unexpectedly falls into a pit? How did he get out? Audiences will enjoy the movie when it comes to those things. That’s why we told the story almost in the trailer. I stood behind them to make this movie reach more people. There is grip‌ in the story. That is why emotions and thrilling elements come together. Audiences should see on the silver screen how interesting these deals are. My friend, the producer of this film S. Krishna wrote the story. The cast and crew made the choice themselves. That’s all I did to help him as a friend.

What does the music director say about Achchu Rajamani?
I was a bit tense about the RR (background music) in this movie. Because when Rajendra Prasad gets complete words in the second half, the story has to go on with the background score. The music director did well to adapt to this. I was shocked to see the final output. Is there so much talent in the mold? That seemed to me. As well as the true character, the comedy timing‌ is good. Rajendra Prasad is dubbing for Gary’s character.

Story, screenplay is not new to you. What was it like acting as a presenter for this film?
I was happy when it came to being a director. The difficulties faced by the producer when it comes to being a presenter are well known. Sahu and Harish are the backbone of ‘Gaali Sampath’. In terms of film so far though the producers are safe. Completed on a low budget. Can’t say the calculations. As Prabhas said in the movie Mirchi, I said ‘we are safe’. I want to do a movie with Sahu Gari from ‘Supreme’ time. But could not. I will do a movie with them soon too.

Are you a star director .. Will your encouragement for short films continue in this way?
I definitely encourage short films. Invest in content. From the short films I started. But the present Anil Ravipudi movies mean that the audience has a kind of expectations. Do not break them. I also make short films when the time comes.

What is the ‘F3’ update?
‘F3’ shooting took 22 days. Everyone who likes ‘F2’ also likes ‘F3’. This is not a sequel to ‘F2’. ‘F2’ is frustration about wives భార్య while ‘F3’ is frustration about money‌. ‘F3’ laughs three times more than ‘F2’.

What are your upcoming movies?
We have wanted to do a film with Balakrishna Gari many times .. but it has not been confirmed yet. Another film with Mahesh Babu Gari is on the discussion stage. Also I have always wanted to do a movie with Ram. Along with these I wanted to make a lady oriented sports film. I will definitely make a sports film in the future.

Do you intend to remake your movies in Bollywood?
Our ‘F2’ movie is being remade in Bollywood. If I want to remake my movies in Bollywood I will remake ‘Patas’. That movie has to do with Hrithik Roshan.

They say they bought a new house ..!
Home and work are important to us in life. How are we doing .. will do .. so I took a house in a good area for the family.


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