As if showing the dots to the director! .. Shruti Haasan playing...

As if showing the dots to the director! .. Shruti Haasan playing Prashant Neil

The riots on social media are always trending. Shruti Haasan’s riot with her boyfriend Shantanu Hazarika is known to be going viral. The couple will be together in Mumbai. Social media was shaken by the commotion between the two during the lockdown. Itu is busy with shooting and Priyudi. Shantanu and Shruti Haasan’s hustle and bustle at the airport is not normal. Kisses and ropes in front of the airport. And everyone knows how busy Shruti Haasan is when she steps on the set. Everyone knows about the lunch party set up for Shruti Haasan. Prabhas brought for Shruti Haasan almost 20 different home cooked dishes. So it is not uncommon for Shruti Haasan to riot on set. The director Prashant Neil seems to be showing the dots. Shruti Haasan has said many times before that she is her favorite person on the set. But recently Shruti Haasan has once again stepped on the solar set. Whether that is the case or not, Prashant Neil is getting bored again. Shruti Haasan says she still loves doing what she likes to do. All in all Shruti Haasan is dusting off on the Salar set.


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