Assets worth Rs 176 crore; Liability of Rs 50 crore; ...

Assets worth Rs 176 crore; Liability of Rs 50 crore; Kamal Haasan reveals property details


  • Kamal Haasan reveals assets
  • Residential properties including Chennai and London
  • He also has loans of Rs 49.5 crore

New Delhi: Actor and children’s rights activist Kamal Haasan has revealed his assets ahead of the Assembly elections. He now has assets worth over Rs 45 crore, including gold and cash. In addition, it has immovable assets of `131 crore. According to his income tax return for 2019-20, his annual income is Rs 22.1 crore.

Kamal Haasan has a bank deposit of Rs 2.43 crore. He has invested over Rs 26.1 lakh in investments like mutual funds and shares. 2.39 crore has been invested in insurance. He has a personal loan of Rs 36.24 crore. This is in addition to the auto loan of Rs 3.69 crore. He owns a luxury car, a BMW 730LD and a Lexus LX570.

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In addition, he owns agricultural land worth Rs 17.79 crore, for a total of 35.59 acres of land. The market value of the commercial buildings owned by him is around Rs 92.5 crore, all of which are in Chennai.

Apart from this, he has residential properties in Chennai with two properties valued at Rs 19.5 crore. , His property in London is worth around Rs 2.5 crore. Kamal Haasan has a total liability of Rs 49.5 crore. Of this, `33.16 crore is for home loans, insurance loans and other loans. An amount of `15.33 crore is due to other persons and financial institutions.


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