Attention travelers! The Center has issued new guidelines for those coming...

Attention travelers! The Center has issued new guidelines for those coming from abroad

New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines for foreign travelers in the wake of the spread of the corona virus epidemic in several countries. These guidelines apply to all travelers from the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Travelers from these places are required to disclose their travel history. These will come into effect from February 22.

Foreigners are required to submit a Self-Declaration (SDF) stating that they have undergone Kovid inspection through the online air facility portal. Also upload the Kovid Negative Test Result on the online portal Those scheduled for the trip must have a Kovid check within 72 hours. In addition, each passenger must submit a declaration regarding the authenticity of the report.

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Only passengers who are confirmed to be asymptomatic after thermal screening during boarding will be allowed to board the aircraft. All travelers must wear masks and maintain social distance throughout the journey. In addition, the Health Setu application must be downloaded. International travelers arriving via ports / land ports will also be required to comply with these protocols as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

According to this, airlines must identify and remove passengers from the UK, Brazil and South Africa within the last 14 days. Passengers from the UK, Europe and the Middle East must undergo Kovid screening upon arrival at Indian airports. Passengers from Europe and the Middle East are required to leave the airport only after submitting samples at the designated location.

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If the test result is negative, you will be advised to monitor your health for 14 days. Instead, if the test result is positive, they will be treated according to the standard health protocol. Meanwhile, India has suspended scheduled international flights. The country has banned international flights since March 23 due to the corona virus outbreak.


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