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Aurangabad to Sambhaji Nagar name change controversy: Central government has power – Uttam Thackeray

In the matter of renaming cities Power to the Central Government Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uttam Thackeray Said.

In the state of Maharashtra Aurangabad The Shiv Sena is in the process of renaming the city as Sambaji Nagar. Aurangabad The Shiv Sena wants to change the name of the city before the municipal elections. As a result, there are reportedly clashes between the allies Sena and the Congress in the ruling Maha Vikas Agathi alliance in Maharashtra.

Moreover, the BJP continued to accuse the Shiv Sena of abandoning old demands to remain in power.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uttam Thackeray has explained this in the state assembly. In a written reply to BJP MLA Yogesh Sagar, he said, “On the issue of renaming cities. Power to the Central Government Is. Not for state governments.

On March 4, 2020, the Regional Commissioner sent a request to rename Aurangabad as Sambaji Nagar. Considering the legal background on this, the opinion of the law and the judiciary has been sought. After obtaining all approvals, Aurangabad The commissioner’s request will be sent to the central government Uttam Thackeray Said.

Earlier, the Revenue, Forest and Urban Development Departments had in 1995 announced the renaming of Aurangabad as Sambaji Nagar. It is noteworthy that a case was filed against it in the Mumbai High Court and later in the Supreme Court.


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