SportsBahrain loses for the second time in a row in handball

Bahrain loses for the second time in a row in handball

The Bahraini national team suffered its second consecutive loss in the men’s handball competition at the Olympic Games, currently being held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, against its Portuguese counterpart 25-26 in the second round of Group B matches.

The Bahraini team ended the first half in their favour, with a score of 15-14, but the Portuguese team managed to settle the match in their favour, after winning 12-10 in the second half.

The Bahraini team lost in the first round to the Swedish team 31-32, while the Portuguese team lost to its Egyptian counterpart 31-37.

The Bahraini team is ranked fifth before last without a balance of points, while the Portuguese team occupies the fourth place with two points.

The second group includes Denmark, Egypt, Sweden, Japan, Bahrain and Portugal, and the Danish team leads with four points, two points behind the second-placed Egypt team.


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