Batting mishaps, bad captaincy: India lose, England prove to be number one

Batting mishaps, bad captaincy: India lose, England prove to be number one

Jobra Archer, Mar Wood and Jordan bowled fast in Ahmedabad yesterday. First T20 England beat India by 8 wickets in the match.

Batting first, India scored only 124 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in 20 overs. England won by 8 wickets for 130 runs, losing 2 wickets in 15.3 overs.

England fast bowler Jobra Archer, who took 3 wickets, was selected as the captain.

This gives England a 1-0 lead in the five-match T20 series. This is the 4th consecutive victory of the England team in the T20 tournament. Meanwhile, the Indian team has suffered its 2nd consecutive defeat in the T20 tournament.

The score is not enough

The captain said that the Indian team will win the first match with 124 runs scored yesterday Goalie If you believe, it will be like saying that you will go up to Vaikundam in the sky.
Batting poorly in the match against England, the world number one T20 team, with 3 spinners Goalie There is no worse captaincy than that if you think about it.

Instead of putting the pressure of defeat on the bowlers, you need to fix the things that are messed up in the batting, select the right players and play in the next match.

There are reports that there are a total of 11 pitches on the Ahmedabad pitch. The goalie, who thought it was the pitch he played in the Test match, did not know how boldly he drove with 3 spinners.


The reason for the failure

The reason for the defeat of the Indian team was the wrong captaincy decision and the failure of the top order batting. Captain Virat Goalie Until yesterday, it was not clear why Rohit Sharma retired after insisting that Rahul would start the match.

One day, Rohit Sharma, the brilliant opener in the T20 tournament, who can dramatically raise the Audi score, is in good form and does not understand why he was rested.

Shikhar Thawan, who is out of form, proved the point of having to be the 3rd opener in his poor batting yesterday.


To Aswin

Akshar Patel and Rishabh have been included in the squad for batting well in the Test against England. If both of them had come into the team after evaluating the Test series, Tamil Nadu’s Aswin would not be inferior in any way. Bowler in Powerplay, Death Over and Middle Over. I don’t know why someone who can play to some extent in batting refuses to pick him. The question also arises as to whether the Collie crisis is the cause. Ashwin should be brought into the T20 squad without further delay.

3rd Duckout

Captain Goalie Has been knocked out for the 3rd time in the last one month. In the Chennai Test, the 4th Test in Ahmedabad yesterday, the batting form of the goalie has to be questioned as a duckout.

Rashid threw a slow ball in it Goalie There is no need to dance away. Probably should have hit over 22 yards if he had to hit. To go into the hands of Jordan Goalie Saying what hit.


The heroes

Fast bowlers like Zobra Archer and Mark Wood can hit at speeds of more than 140km / h. The batsman needs to hold the bat tightly when the shot hits their balls and move the leg as the ball goes. Greats like Sachin and Ganguly will do this very precisely.

However, KL Rahul did not tighten the bat and played without moving the forearm. Tawan, who was suffocated from the start, lost the wicket unnecessarily.

Sundara was not used properly

The overall pressure falls on the head of the middle order batsmen when the top order batsmen are bowled out, thus the 6th and 7th batsmen will be forced to stabilize the wicket without having to play aggressively.


Washington Sunder is the best bowler in the powerplay. It was too late for him Goalie Gave over. What is the use of bowling Sundar after almost all the victory has gone into the hands of England.

We beat England easily in the Test match Goalie Seems to wonder if the captaincy did.

It has nothing to do with the goalie’s talk of saying that we will give everyone freedom in batting and that is how we are going to choose the World Cup squad.

Zobra Archer, Jordan, and Mark Wood bowl at an average speed of 145 km / h. In addition, Mark Wood bowled at speeds exceeding 150 km / h. Intimidating bowling like this Goalie Definitely not expected.

Toothless cracking

But, Bumra, without Shami, has proven to be a toothless cracker. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Thakur did not go over 130 kmph and did not swing, no matter what they threw. Did the goalie think the spin would only move the game?
Suryakumar Yadav, Ishant Kishan and Dwivedi, who are sitting on the bench without waiting any longer, should be fielded. It’s time to dump her and move on.


Without Sreyas Iyer alone, the value and honor of the Indian team would have been in the air in the first match. Rishabh has proved to be in fantastic form and if only the shot selection had been right he would have rocked the bar yesterday.

Bandh shook the bar

In addition, Rishabh’s bravery in playing a reverse sweep of the ball at a speed of 140 km. Bandh, who beat Anderson in the Test match, stunned Archer in the T20 match. Hardik Pandya has not yet come to form to play as much as expected in bowling and batting.

The Indian team has made good progress in fielding. Despite some setbacks, the Indian team is doing well in fielding overall. KL Rahul caught a catch on the boundary line yesterday and then threw it on the field so as not to go for a six.

Precious Jason Roy

England set a target of 125 for victory. No team management has bought England’s Jason Roy in the IPL auction. However, he showed his batting form in the first match and taught a lesson.


While India lost 3 wickets and added 22 runs in the Powerplay, England openers Butler and Roy went on to score 50 runs without losing a wicket. The duo added 72 runs for the first wicket. Sahal bowled Butler out for 28 in the quarterfinals. Next up was David Malan banging.

Moving towards the fifties, Roy added 49 off 32 balls before Sunder was bowled out for a quarterback. Malan 24, Burstow 26 not out, leading England to victory. England won by 8 wickets, adding 130 runs for the loss of 2 wickets in 15.3 overs.

Wicket decline

Earlier, England captain Morgan, who won the toss, chose to bowl. The Indian team was shocked from the start. The wickets of Thawan (4), Rahul (1) and Kohli (0) fell in the power play over. The Indian team lost 3 wickets for 22 runs. This is the 3rd lowest score in Powerplay in T20 cricket.

Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Bandh put the team back on track for the 4th wicket. Stokes, who started the innings with a 21-run knock, was bowled out for a catch to Barstow in the deep leg square.


Responsible game

Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer were somewhat offensive. Shreyas Iyer, who put on a very fantastic performance, handled the England fast bowling gracefully. Every shot of Shreyas Iyer, was amazing.

Shreyas Iyer, who showed responsible play, hit a fifty off 36 balls. Hardik Pandya smashed a six and a four to take the wicket of Archer in the 19th over. Archer lost the wicket as Thakur tried to play the ball in action.

Shreyas Iyer was caught by Malan in the Jordanian bowling for 67. India lost 3 wickets for only the last 15 runs.

At the end of 20 overs, the Indian team added 124 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. Archer took 3 wickets for England.


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