BusinessBeef has many prices in many places; Complaints of wanting a...

Beef has many prices in many places; Complaints of wanting a price


  • Beef has many prices in many places
  • Complaints that beef prices should be consolidated

Beef is a favorite dish of non-veg food lovers. Therefore, from beef ban to price hike and beef ban are often discussed. This time a different cry is noticeable. A district has come forward with a demand to unify beef prices. The incident took place in Kottayam.

The news came when the Kottayam district panchayat came to the scene with the demand to unify the beef price. The indication is that the panchayat has proposed to unify the price at Rs 320 per kg everywhere. Although the panchayat members passed the resolution together, it remains to be seen whether the traders will be ready. The report was first released by a news channel. Beef prices vary not only in Kottayam but also in different districts and places.

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In Ernakulam district, the price of beef is around Rs 360 per kg. Beef in Kottayam costs Rs 340. Prices vary between cold storages and butchers. Bringing in a uniform price will protect consumers from overcharging, but traders are unwilling to do so. In many places, beef is overpriced.

Although the panchayat has demanded a price consolidation, the action will be based on discussions with traders. It is reported that the resolution has been given to the local bodies. In one panchayat in the district itself, the price has been fixed at Rs. 330 per kg everywhere. Indications are that the same price may be brought everywhere in the district. The buffaloes are brought to the state from neighboring states including Tamil Nadu. Traders point out that high costs are an obstacle to price consolidation.


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