IndiaBeer Bottle at General Secretariat - Karnataka Police Intensive Investigation

Beer Bottle at General Secretariat – Karnataka Police Intensive Investigation


Of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly Rainy season meeting series It started on Monday at Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore. In this case, 2 bottles of beer were placed on the table in room number 208 on the 2nd floor of Vidhan Sabha. The photo was released on social media yesterday and caused controversy. Not only the MLAs of the Congress and Majatha opposition parties but also the ruling BJP have condemned this.

about this விதானசவுதா A security official said: “The budget session ended shortly last March due to the spread of the corona virus. Due to the infection, a small number of people’s representatives, officials and political parties came to Vidhan Sabha. Most officers worked as if they were at home.

Monday after 6 months Rainy season meeting series The closed rooms were reopened as they began. Then the empty beer bottles lay. We are investigating who used this. We are also investigating the police who were on security duty at night. Work has begun to examine the surveillance camera recordings here. ”

In the meantime, inquire into the matter of the beer bottles and report விதானசவுதா The security police officer has been ordered by the Speaker of the Legislature Visvesvaraya Hegde Kokeri.


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