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Before my eyes you will be a hero .. Think and speak .. Naresh Strong counter on Srikanth’s comments

Controversy is raging among ‘our’ members after the accident of mega nephew Sai Dharam Tej. Many, including Bandla Ganesh and Srikanth, countered Naresh’s comments on the bike ride. Naresh blamed the manner in which he reacted to the accident. Learn how to speak in situations like this. With this, the issue came up for discussion.

Naresh Strong reacted to Srikanth’s latest remarks in this regard. ” Srikant .. what did you say? Certainly Sai Dharam Tej is not in speed. Slipped in the mud. The words I said came out slightly different in the media. The adults phoned me. I immediately gave an explanation on that. I did not mention the dead. Generally said it happened in the industry.

Be careful before giving bytes. We give bikes to children like chocolates. They are adults. Accidents happened to me. Happen to most people. But it hurts you to talk like that. I saw you coming as a hero before my eyes. Made good movies. We got a good name. Competed in our Elections. Unfortunately lost. Please do not give such bytes again. I have been in the industry for the last 50 years. There has never been a controversy over giving bytes. You think carefully and speak, ”said Naresh.
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Sai Dharam Tej fell off his sports bike on the Cable Bridge, IKEA route in Hyderabad last Friday night. In the accident, he went into a coma with severe injuries to his right eye and chest. Hutahutina was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated by Apollo doctors. Currently informed that his health is stable.


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