WorldBelarusian border guards talk about establishing dialogue between Polish colleagues

Belarusian border guards talk about establishing dialogue between Polish colleagues

To discuss various issues, the employees of the Polish border service began to conduct a more constructive dialogue with their Belarusian colleagues, communication between the structures takes place exclusively in Russian. This was announced on November 21 by the head of the operational-situational center of the Brest border group Sergei Kozlovsky.

“Our Polish colleagues began to contact the operational-situational control center of the Brest border group in the working order,” BelTA quotes him.

Kozlowski noted that previously the exchange of information with Poland was purely formal.

Also, the head of the operational-situational center said that on the eve of the Polish border guards put forward a proposal to increase the number of vehicles launched on the territory of the republic.

“Previously, it was somewhat difficult to conduct a dialogue with them, but now we literally speak the same language. All contacts between us take place only in Russian, ”he concluded.

Earlier on Sunday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Warsaw does not exclude the closure of the border with Belarus due to the migration crisis. According to him, the republic is ready to close transit and trade opportunities in order to exert economic pressure on the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

On November 20, the President of the Republic of Belarus said that the Polish security forces used fascist methods against migrants, for example, they poured water with chemicals on them.

The day before, in Belarus, 65 victims were recorded as a result of the use of special equipment by the Polish security forces.

Since November 8, several thousand migrants from the Middle East have been trying to get into the territory of the European Union; they have set up camp in a forest belt adjacent to the border. The Polish authorities refuse to let refugees in and have pulled large-caliber military equipment into the area. By now, the migrants have left the tent camp and moved to the logistics center provided by the Belarusian side.