Big relief for Jagan Sarkar in Supreme Court .. Week deadline for...

Big relief for Jagan Sarkar in Supreme Court .. Week deadline for KCR government

Jagan Sarkar won a seat in the Supreme Court. The tribunal directed that the money due to Andhra Pradesh in connection with the partition should be transferred within a week. The AP brought to the notice of the court that the Telangana government has not transferred the funds so far. The Telangana lawyer asked for time to transfer the money within two weeks. Some more documents will be handed over .. but the court did not agree. The court only gave him a week to transfer the money. The AP argued that they would also get a share in the properties under the Separation Act. The tribunal directed the two states to reach a consensus on the distribution of Telangana Academy, employees and assets. The Supreme Court adjourned the next hearing on the academy properties for 3 weeks. While the AP requested to form a committee with the retired judge on this .. Lawyer on behalf of the Telangana government objected.


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