Bigg Boss 5 Episode 11: Siri put her hand in her shirt...

Bigg Boss 5 Episode 11: Siri put her hand in her shirt again .. Dear Aunty Warning to Sunny called Normuy .. Stink Stink

Kummuku Chavandehe .. No matter if you play or not .. Even if you fall below .. You have to loot the rating .. We will show them who gets into more fights .. They will swear .. They will do whatever else you want .. If necessary you like to put your hands on the t-shirts of the players .. says Bigg Boss But what was said and sent .. The contestants who are currently in the house have forgotten humanity and are acting as psychos. Vammo Wilentra is making Babu fear that he is so violent. Did we see what kind of whores the next nominations were talking about then .. We also saw how Bigg Boss highlighted that whore without at least cutting it. Uma is not just that whore .. The contestants’ expressions are also well carried and zoomed in and shown too. Even though their psychology is bad .. now the task of the captaincy competitors is even more enviable. We saw what happened in yesterday’s episode .. Today (September 15) is the ninth day of Bigg Boss in episode 11 ..

The quarrel between Sunny and Priya started right from the start. Do not show your attitude to me .. Shut your mouth and watch your work .. Priya warned. When Sunny said, “It’s wrong to say shut up, Priya Garu,” I said, “Shut up, too.” Or not? I have lost respect for you ever since, ‘said Priya, firing at Sunny. “I do not need your respect,” Sunny replied.

The teams split into two Sagara brother Played the task of stretching the legs and measuring. Manas is the director of the Yellow team for this game while Shriram is the director of the Blue team. However, the Yellow team was 33.3 meters long and the Blue team was 33 meters long. However, the White team in the Yellows was upset when it fell at the last minute. She quit the game after being told that the director was Manas Dunn. However, Shriram complained to Bigg Boss that she had fallen apart from the game. However, the decision was left to the decision of the directors. Bigg Boss says he will cancel the task if the winners are not mentioned. However, not all members of the Shriram team agreed with the Yellow Team victory Sagara brother Task canceled Big Boss. In fact, the Blue team members did not accept the victory of the Yellow team members. It seemed that it was not correct to cancel the task without Big Boss saying the right decision.

As if the Blue Team could not play anymore. Shriram however spilled like a child. This infuriated the Yellow team members. If the task is canceled, we should feel ashamed but .. Ravi said that it is not dancing like this .. Priya countered that we do not need shame. Priya Aunty, on the other hand, agrees that Shweta is behaving like a madman. Priya goes crazy at night and says that she does not know what to do.

Then there was a heat discussion between Ravi and Sriram. Play your game .. Play the Mind Game with me. I did not come here for Rs.

After that a discussion also took place between Sriram-manas. My age is 34 .. Your age is 28 .. I know how to do it.

Lobo tears ..
Lobo cried in front of Manas and Shriram saying that he was playing as much as he could in the house .. but he had no one behind his family .. the whole world saw .. many say but .. only his wife came behind us .. no one came ..

Bigg Boss says death is cold ..
Part of the task was for the contestants to climb on top of each other and commit physical violence, regardless of gender. Sriram-Sunny grabbed Pika Pika and beat her. Vishwa-Natarajas are in the same situation. And if Anne Master finds out that someone in my shirt has done it .. Umadevi denies the ones she received .. There was a big fight between Uma and Anne Masters. They called each other Tu .. Tu. Even at the end, there was a heated argument between Sunny and Priya. When Priya addressed Sunny as Aadu Idu .. Sunny got angry and asked what is Aadu Idu .. Priya got into a horizontal argument as to whether Adu means you. When Priya told him to come boldly and play like Magadi .. Sunny replied that let’s play Ra .. Show masculinity. Once again the feud between the two was fierce.

All in all, the blood-curdling Ada Maga squirmed together in this task. However, they are playing such a disgusting game .. After all, Bigg Boss did not object .. ‘It is a crime to commit physical violence in the house of Bigg Boss .. Do not do that’ .. He spoke like the cops who came to the climax in the old movies. There are four rivals for the captain in tomorrow’s episode. Family members are dying for them. That fuss is in tomorrow’s episode.


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