Bigg Boss 5 Episode 78: It's better to cut it!

Bigg Boss 5 Episode 78: It’s better to cut it!

The Sunday Funde episode at Bigg Boss House went downhill. Went ahead with tasks that were not pulsating. Experience in the middle Raja team came and made a bit of noise. However, the episode seemed very dull. The Elimination thing leaks out anyway. There is no fun in that. The romance topic of Siri and Shan went viral again in the Cousteau Dialogue Kottu Guru game. So much so that Sunday’s episode went sour. Let’s take a look at what actually happened.

Wow Taj showed the task. One cup of tea promotes Wow Taj to tell you what it would be like to spend the day alone. The contestants shared their views, assumptions and hopes. Kajal said it was great to imagine that we would spend a day with him. Anne Master says that if she stays with Nature, she will be fine for many days and without Chai she will not be able to live. Shan told me there would be no big difference anyway. So everyone described their imaginary world.

Nagarjuna then played a game with the contestants. When it comes to the question .. he asked the questions asked by the contestants .. he made the contestants come up with their answers. As part of this, Nagarjuna first asked questions to Sri Ramachandra. Those were the questions Manas posed. Are you with masks? Acting well? Asked questions.

Sriramchandra replied that he was not with Tanemi Mask and was not acting. For those answers the members of the house raise the thumbs up boards as if to say yes. But Kajal and Manas both showed thumbs down boards. With this, Sri Ramachandra missed the shot like kakarakaya juice karela.

Siriki then asked questions. They asked Shan, Ravi. Are you lagging behind in the game because of Shan? Nag asked. Siri says there is no such thing. The two of us do not fall outside .. Siri says that a friendship was formed with Shannu after coming here. Sunny is too wild ?, Safe player .. Shannu was asked why he is deviating from the game.

Sunny plays a bit wild .. I’m not a safe player .. I’m anesthetized anyway .. I will come back into the game even if I’m a bit deviant due to emotions. Are you afraid to talk to me? That is to ask the question to Shan’s mind. Manas clarified that there was no such thing. What is your relationship with Priyanka? Sunny asked Manas. Manas simply said that they are friends.

What do you expect from Manas? Manase asked Priyanka. Priyanka says they are good friends … Do you like Kajal a bit? When Kajal asked .. when Siri asked why Tidatav behind Siri. Siri counters to Priyanka that there is a lot of milk in the front but no milk in the back.

Ravi and Sri Ramachandra asked Annie if she uses her hair while cooking and why she does not stand by her decisions. Come to win? Did you come to win? .. Use Burra? .. Ravi asked Sunny. I came to win .. Sunny replied that she did not see friends in the tasks. Do you like being a centrifugal attraction? Manas asked Sunny. Sunny said I would not have such a feeling. Game if you do? What if they do something else? When Siri asks Sunny why she caught Manas in the task of those t-shirts. Sunny was going to say something that was not my strategy sir. But it wasn’t a workout.

Affecting? Provoking the Mind? Sri Ramachandra asked Ravini. Ravi clarified that he has not been influenced or provoked so far. Why do you use them at home and play? Manas asked. Is it at home to use? That is why I am using it, Ravi replied directly.

Did you really feel like a friend? Manas asked Kajal. Kajal says about Manas that I am still failing myself forever. Stay in the group? Play as an Independent? Someone left a question for Kajal. “I feel comfortable with them, but I am single and independent in the games,” Kajal said.

After that, Nagarjuna declared that Kajal was safe with the slim color of green. Then came the Experience Raja Team. With the arrival of Raj Tarun, Sudarshan and heroine Kashish Khan, the whole house became bustling. In it he gave the task of drawing toys. Divided into two teams. If the names of the contestants are mentioned .. Guess them in the form of figures. So in this task Anne Master draws Shan and Siri in the form of Hugs.

Sudarshan put up some counters in the same task. Satyr laid down not remembering that there were two more outside. So that task was a lot of fun. Sri Ramachandra sang the song Telusa Manasa for Kashish Khan. Finally contestants laid the royal steps to experience. Experience Raja says good bye to the whole team.

After that everyone was talking on the mic, saying it was safe when the sandals came. But only Manas and Shannus got the sounds of applause. Nag said it was safe for both of them. He then assigned a task called Dialog Kottu Guru.

Manas who came first .. gave Sunny the dialogue to provoke me. No one said to be provoked even if provoked. Then Shan came and gave Ravi a dialogue called Do not Believe Dora. Ravi gave the dialogue to Shannu that Surley Surley saw a lot. Any Mast gave Ravi a dialogue titled At Kamal Haasan in Mast Shades Are Raw Nee.

Priyanka gave the dialogue ‘Once Ones Fasak’ to her mind. Sriramchandra counters about the hugs of Siri and Shannu .. Sriramchandra gave the dialogue to Shannu that somehow I can’t see Sir. Siri gave Shan a dialogue saying that it would be better to reduce them. Ewe .. Siri says it would be good for both of us if we cut the ropes. Nagarjuna countered to Siri and Shannu saying how correct Abba was. And do these really cut it? That’s it.

Kajal gave the dialogue ‘Nee Bondara Bonda’ to Sri Ramachandra. Sunny gave Ravi a dialogue called Aipaye. That amount is also done for that amount. Helmets and lights declared Siri safe. Siri was safe when the light on her helmet flashed. Nag then set foot with the rest of Annie and Priyanka in the garden area. Annie finally announces that Master has been eliminated.

Annie who came out told her opinion about each one. He has been motivating me from the beginning till now .. everyone in the house should be motivated as well .. Ravi said about being in the top 3. Sri Ramachandra is also like me. Do not say it is for you. But he was with me whenever I needed him. My own brother .. He was always correct .. Stay the same, says Srirachandra.

Even though he did not have much connection with Shan .. he spoke honestly when he spoke. Do not show partiality .. Stay the same .. advised Shannu. Siri Pataka Tasks play well .. Priyanka Butterfly You play your game .. I know you are playing .. Nothing like this has happened for so many days. But it happened in the end..isn’t it human? Any master said that would happen. Priyanka became emotional saying sorry master if it bothers you. I’m sorry if I hurt you too.

Not to mention Kajal .. Congrats on being in the top 8. When she came out she told Manas that we would become good friends. Sunny was my first friend .. Annie told me about Sunny that she has always been my friend. Sunny laughed as she told me about Annie that I was the only one who got into more trouble. So the episode went on. In the twelfth week, we have to see what strange things happen in the house of Bigg Boss.