Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: 8 people in the fourth week nominations .....

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: 8 people in the fourth week nominations .. Lobo obscenity .. Dear crying

Bigg Boss Season 5 has reached its fourth week today .. The rest of the days aside .. Monday is coming .. The heat in the Bigg Boss House will be in a range .. With the nomination heat, the members of the house will behave strangely, point out each other’s mistakes and blow up bullets .. Of the three nominations so far, three Sarayu, Umadevi and Lahari were eliminated. And who are these nominations? Who nominated whom? Let’s watch this episode in today’s (September 27) 23rd episode.

How did the fourth week nominations process go? Who nominated whom ..

As every week, each member has to nominate two. Bigg Boss said anyone who wants to be nominated should take a piece of their photo and put it in the swimming pool. Priya was first asked to start this nomination process. And who nominated whom ..

1. Dear .. Lobo, Sunny
2. Vishwa .. Ravi, Nataraj Master
3. Lobo .. Priya, Siri
4. Shriram .. White, Annie Master
5. Shanmukh Jaswant .. Anchor Ravi, Lobo
6. Nataraj Master .. RJ Kajal, Sunny
7. Siri .. Anne Master, Lobo
8. Manas .. Lobo, Nataraj Master
9. Shweta .. Labo, Anchor Ravi
10. Hamida .. Nataraj Master, Lobo
11. Nataraj Master .. Vishwa, Anchor Ravi
12. Priyanka .. Lobo, Kajal
13. Anchor Ravi .. Kajal, Nataraj Master
14. Any Master … Siri, Ram
15. Sunny .. Priya, Kajal
16. Jesse .. Priyanka, Anchor Ravi

All in all, whoever is nominated to leave the house in the nomination process .. Nataraj, Lobo, Ravi, Priya, Kajal, Siri, Sunny, Annie .. These eight people have been nominated for elimination.

Lobo vs. Priya .. Lobo who behaved like crazy
Lobo and Sunny stay away from her .. Priya says that she is nominated because she does not want to talk to him no matter how many times she tries to go and talk to them. Lobo then showed the cosmos by re-nominating Priya. If everyone was telling love stories .. if I said I fell in love with a 14 year old girl .. I would say it was like a movie story .. that moment my khaleja burst. Lobo behaved insanely. Screaming loudly, Priya jumped on top of him. The rest of the family tried to control him, but he showed his acting skills. After that, Lobo did something while crying. In the middle another actor Ravi came and appeared to comfort Lobo. You know my love matter Kadara cried Lobo. But Priya did not know what to do with his insane behavior .. remained silent. In the end, Lobo said that he nominated himself because he had a quarrel with Ravi to keep one thing in mind and speak up. Priya had earlier said that Lobo had stopped talking to her since the altercation. Afterwards, Lobo screamed so badly that Priya burst into tears.


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