Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Sriramchandra, Ravi's satires .. Vishwak Sen taking dignity

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Sriramchandra, Ravi’s satires .. Vishwak Sen taking dignity


  • Vishwak Sen watching the Bigg Boss show
  • The hero who posted in support of Sunny
  • Ravi and Sriramchandra are satires on sugar issues

Heroes do not care so much about the Bigg Boss show. But some people follow the Bigg Boss show. Some support a few contestants. Singers and television stars often follow the Bigg Boss show. Because most people in those categories go to the Bigg Boss show. Recently, however, Vishwak Sen came into the limelight for this Bigg Boss show. Posting in support of Sunny .. Ravi, Sriramachandra humiliated.

With this, it became as if unnecessary controversies were wrapped around his neck. However, Vishwak Sen is more famous for his controversies than his films. It is Vishwak Sen’s habit to tap into a controversy before every movie release and stay in the news for a few days. Compared to Vijay Devarakonda during Falaknuma Das movie though, everyone knows how Vijay fans played Vishwak Sen.

There is also no control over language when speaking on social media. Vishwak Sen has been trolled many times in that regard too. Vishwak Sen has recently said that he is crazy. It looks like this hero is now watching the Bigg Boss show as a mason. During the nomination process yesterday, Sriramchandra laid siege to Ravi.

The counter wondered if Sugar had come if Sri Ramachandra was spinning around. He then countered that Ravi was over-smart sugar. With this, Sri Ramachandra and Ravi fans are playing Vishwak Sen. Sunny fans are giving reverse counters on behalf of Vishwak Sen. Vishwak Sen has been diagnosed with diabetes and O Meem is also making a splash on Netflix. It also looks like Vishwak Sen used vulgar language on the meme. On the whole, Vishwak Sen seems to be holding on to what goes up in the air.