Bigg Boss Ravi: It's a shame to even lift your head .....

Bigg Boss Ravi: It’s a shame to even lift your head .. I’m sorry I made a mistake: Anchor Ravi Emotion

Having been in the industry for many years .. Anchor Ravi got a good craze step by step as an actor and hero. However, in Saturday’s episode, the image that Anchor Ravi had acquired over the years collapsed once. Priya spoke badly about Lahari .. When they landed, she hit her mother and tried to escape .. Anchor Ravi was caught on camera by Bigg Boss. With this, Nagarjuna reveals his portfolio .. Anchor Ravi regrets releasing the videos.

He was emotional enough to admit the mistake he made in front of millions of people. Anchor Ravi admitted the mistake he made during Monday’s nominations. Ravi apologized as everyone stood up and joined hands in shame.

‘It’s also a shame to lift your head in front of you today. Although suffering a lot for two days. Last Saturday was the worst day of my life. I apologize to all three in this regard. That means to whom .. Priya akkaki second lahari, third our mother. How I behaved so badly .. I scolded our mother for not saying what I said to her boyfriend. There can be no worse than that. A man should not speak like this .. I have spoken .. That is why I sincerely apologize ..

Lahari is not here today .. He would have spoken if he had been here. Anna .. Sorry Amma .. Sorry Akka .. ‘Anchor Ravi tried to wipe away the emotion.


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