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Bigg Boss5 Telugu – Lobo: Bigg Boss who set fire to members … Lobo to medical room..Lobo who promised not to do that


  • Lobo with eyes dropped back on Captain Contender Task
  • Members taken to the Medical Room
  • Lobo who came out and promised Ravi not to do that

God willing, if life goes smoothly, but .. if the show is cool, Bigg Boss will not agree at all. Prove it once again. The contestants in the house are seen to be creating a rift between the Big Boss members in some form even if they want to be com. Hence the strategy games that use themselves. Bigg Boss started ‘Pantam Nida Nada’ for the Captain Contender task, in which Bigg Boss first divided the members into two teams to play a game called ‘Beware of Thieves’. Manas, Ravi, Nataraj Master, Jesse, Kajal, Uma, Lahari, Sunny, Manas Captain, Sriram, Vishwa, Shanmuk, Siri, Hamida Pillows placed in the dugouts between the two teams.

This game is to protect the pillows of the opposing team while bringing the pillows into their team. Members clashed over a range for the pillows. On one occasion, Siri alleged that Sunny had put her hand on her shirt. But he said he did not do it himself. The members pushed each other. Lobo fell under this order. Earlier team members did not care. But, in the end he asked to call the doctor. With this, Bigboss called Lobo to the medical room. Lobo returned home after the treatment. When Ravi told Lobo that he had become addicted to cigarettes, Ravi told him that he did not want to smoke cigarettes.

However, there was a lot of confusion in the process. If Lobo is not in good health, will he play the game? With this, a big clash took place between Ravi and Vishwa. The two talked together for a while. Ravi apologized to the universe. Bigboss started another task, putting the ‘thieves careful’ result in the pass without giving it. He named this second task ‘Sagara Sodara’. And it will take until Wednesday to find out how the members get into a fight.


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