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Can I get cash if I buy an old ATM? Three got Rs 1.49 lakh!


  • Money from old ATMs
  • The three got Rs 1.49 lakh

Bought an old ATM machine with three friends. 1.49 lakh was unexpectedly received from it. There was about $ 2,000 inside the ATM. Three people buy from an old ATM owner. ATMs are opened in the hope that there will be cash everywhere. It took a bit of work to open the ATM with a drill and hammer, but the effort was not in vain. Although he was exhausted, he got only Rs 1.49 lakh. The incident took place in the US.

They bought the machine for $ 300 (approximately $ 22,000). He has also videotaped opening an ATM and withdrawing money using a drill. The person holding the old ATM did not have the key to open it. The young man decided to open the ATM even though he did not have the key, so he got the money. The money was eventually recovered by destroying the machine itself. A crack fell in the machine itself. They claim this is the best day ever because they found the money anyway. The video went viral because the camera holder was curious to be asked to take out the notes and get the notes. The incident has been in the news.

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There is a way to make money with an ATM even if you have not bought an old ATM and beaten it up. SBI also offers opportunities for those who want to invest in franchise business. There are people who start their ATM franchise and earn Rs 60,000 per month. Those who want a steady income can also make money through franchises. You can contact the bank to pick up the SBI franchise.

The franchisee can take over if he has his own space and defining qualifications in the places where the bank intends to set up ATMs. The security amount is Rs 2 lakh. In addition, it is expected that an investment of around Rs 3 lakh will be required. This amount will be refunded. You can apply for a franchise online. You can apply for a franchise by providing any proof of ID on documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card and voter ID card. In addition, an address proof must be provided. All you have to do is enter one of the ration cards and the electricity bill.


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