Can masks be removed temporarily in the UAE? Here are 5...

Can masks be removed temporarily in the UAE? Here are 5 situations

Dubai: Masks are used to some extent to protect against the Kovid epidemic. This significantly reduces the risk of transmitting the virus. Masks and social distance are precautionary measures against Kovid. Failure to wear the mask in the UAE will result in a fine of 3,000 dirhams. According to the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, three categories of residents can avoid wearing a mask under certain circumstances. Children under the age of two are not required to wear a mask in the UAE. People with severe physical difficulties and respiratory problems should not wear masks. No need to wear a mask in the country when traveling alone in a car or with someone in the family. No need to wear any other mask when eating out in a restaurant that maintains a social distance. It is not mandatory to wear a mask while walking, jogging, playing sports or swimming. The mask can be removed after making sure that no one is around when you are alone in the office. Masks are not mandatory when examining teeth, eyes, nose and neck.


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