BusinessCan you make this butter? 10,000 per 100 grams

Can you make this butter? 10,000 per 100 grams


  • Seafood butter with rare flavors
  • A small packet costs around Rs 10,000

Butter is an essential dairy product in most homes. Does butter cost around Rs 10,000? For Lupak butter, it is only Rs 600 per 200 grams. But seafood butter is expensive. It is made from seafood and not from milk. Butter is made from giant prawns and crabs. British butter costs 95 95. It costs around Rs 10,000.

Also known as NO55 Lobster and Crab Butter. Butter is also used for non-veg dishes and toppings. It is made with lemon juice and fennel. Therefore, the price is very high. Butter is at the forefront of taste as well as price. Seafood butter is becoming popular despite its expensive ingredients. Butter was recently selected as one of the best foods in the world.

Seafood butter is used not only to enhance the taste of food, but also in baking products, as well as in Italian, French, American and Indian dishes. Now
It is needed in a variety of foods. And demand. While ordinary people may not spend as much on butter, food lovers and chefs have started using seafood butter in their restaurants and homes. It was recently selected as one of the best food items in the world. It received the Three Star Great Taste Award.

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London is also the source of the dish. This delicious food item is made by Sublime Butter Company, a family business group based in West London. The Great Taste Award is known as the Oscar of Food. Chris Meyer, the company’s founder, says the price of butter is not too high compared to the ingredients in it. Anyway the butter majesty is crossing the sea.

Milk and dairy products are in great demand in the market all the time. Therefore, the market for products like butter is huge. In this sector dominated by big brands, there is a market potential if the best ventures are established. According to market studies, the global butter market will be 1.3 million metric tons by 2026. Brief that butter varieties are also possible.

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