Business'Celebrity Duck'; Income of Rs 3 lakh per month!

‘Celebrity Duck’; Income of Rs 3 lakh per month!


  • Manjakin also starred in the film
  • Millions of fans on Instagram

It would be hard to believe that a duck can earn Rs 3 lakh a month. Even the duck farmers here do not get that much a month. But I can not believe it. Because this is not just a duck, it is a celebrity duck. Star of Tick Tock and more. Manchkin, a duck from Pennsylvania, Milford, USA, has more than 2.7 million followers on Tick Tock. This is also the secret of the duck’s income. Chrissy Ellis, a 20-year-old owner of Munchkin, described her pet as “the most perishable duck in the world” on social media. But the various poses of the duck, who loves to be photographed, were captivating people through social media.

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Videos of beautiful animals often go viral on social media. These videos are often widely circulated. The main reason for this is that such videos avoid viewer pressure. Crissick, who has been raising ducks since childhood, got Munchkin as a teenager. Chrissy and Munchkin have a public account on social media called ‘Dunkin’ Ducks’. The name of the account is inspired by Dunkin ‘Donuts, the main fast food outlet in his small town. Dunkin ‘Duck’s Instagram page has 2.54 lakh followers and TikTok has over 27 lakh followers.

Munchkin owner Chrissy earns at least $ 4,500 a month (approximately Rs 3.35 lakh) from Tiktok and Instagram. Chrissy’s primary source of income is from Tic Tac Toe’s Creator Fund. Chrissy also makes money by posting sponsored content on Instagram. The New York Post reports that Chris’ earnings from selling “hard-working” duck on canvas are also being sold through online stores.

Sharing pictures and videos of their pets through social media can sometimes go viral. But there are a lot of fans waiting for Manjak’s videos here. Munchkin’s videos are only shared when Chrissy, who currently works at the grocery store, has time. Recently, Tesla owner Elon Musk shared a picture of Flocky, a breeder of his own, Shiba Inu, on Twitter. The benefits to investors due to this baby dog ​​were in the millions. The price of Dosco, the leading cryptocurrency that is growing, has skyrocketed. Doshco’s logo is Shiba Inu.


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