BusinessCelebrity Restaurant; Two lakh rupees for food

Celebrity Restaurant; Two lakh rupees for food


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  • Two lakh for an early meal

Most celebrities have investments in the restaurant sector. The food business is one of the most lucrative businesses. That is why there are many people who invest in restaurant chains and their own ventures. Celebrity chefs also have their own restaurant. Fans will flock to the famous chef’s signature dishes. In general, food at celebrity chef restaurants is more expensive. But what if fame is used to strangle? Fans will take to the stage to protest.

This is how a celebrity chef gets into trouble. The chef’s restaurant, which recently opened, has a blazing price for all the dishes. The issue has also been discussed on social media. The protagonist is Turkish chef Nusrat Gokche. The opening of the new Chef Restaurant has garnered huge media attention. This chef is famous not only for his food but also for the way he prepares food and the videos. The food is salted and the meat is minced in a unique shell. Gokche also owns videos that have been viewed by millions. Lots of trolls too. His restaurant chain is named after Nusrat.

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It has been reported that a new restaurant in London has been billed Rs 2 lakh for cheap food items in general. A burger costs Rs 10,000 and a steak costs Rs 63,000. Anyway, those who came to the restaurant in search of a variety of tastes were reluctant to pay for the purse itself. As soon as the post came up on Twitter, the matter went viral anyway. Customers arrived with a different response. The chef really made the cut when some people started comparing the average price per meal and putting up posts. . You have to pay a hefty price for each dish. In London, most people think that the cost of food is enough to enjoy a vacation.

Recently, the chef, known as Salt Bay, shared information about his new restaurant he started in London on his official Instagram account. Consumers are also not impressed with the food here. The comments are that everyone should think twice before spending more than Rs 1.5 lakh on a meal and drinking cola. The chef has celebrity fans all over the world. The customer who came to eat the food mentioned the hefty price of the dishes along with the bill on Twitter.


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