Censor board clearance for Sri Reddy 'climax' .. if you look at...

Censor board clearance for Sri Reddy ‘climax’ .. if you look at the report !!


  • ‘Climax’ with Rajendra Prasad in key role
  • Mr. Reddy in a role close to real life
  • Makers announcing release date

The time has come for Sri Reddy, who is always in the news as a sensational star, to show his glory on the silver screen. She has completed the movie ‘Climax’, which is breaking with sexual allegations against Tollywood and Kollywood celebrities. In this, Sri Reddy played a character who is close to his life. Tollywood senior hero Rajendra Prasad will play the lead role in this film. The makers have recently announced the release date in the wake of the movie censor finish.

Directed by Bhavani Shankar, who has won awards at seven international film festivals with his film ‘Dream’, the film has received clearance from the Censor Board. The film was given a U / A certificate. The producers have said that the ‘Climax’ movie will be released on March 5.

The recently released movie trailer ‌ has sparked interest in the movie. The role of Natakirti Rajendra Prasad became a major attraction. His role is similar to that of businessman Vijay Mallya, and it seems that having girls’ weakness will be crucial in the film. Produced by Karunakar Reddy and Rajeshwar Reddy, the film stars Sasha Singh, Sri Reddy, Pridvi, Shiva Shankara Master, Ramesh and others. Climax movie The fact that the producers are saying that the climax episode will definitely thrill everyone is raising more interest on the movie. So .. let’s see what message is going to be given with ‘Climax’.


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