Chained in Orbán’s Hungary: trial of an Italian anti-fascist amid allegations of mistreatment and Meloni’s caution

Roberto Salis had been denouncing the “inhumane” conditions of his daughter’s detention in Hungarian prisons for weeks. But it was not until last Monday that the story of Ilaria, an Italian anti-fascist activist arrested a year ago in Budapest, became a political case in Italy, sparking controversy and indignation in the country. What changed on Monday were the images broadcast by the media of the first hearing of the trial in the Hungarian capital. The 39-year-old woman appeared in court shackled hand and foot and held by a chain by a female police officer. It was not the first time it had happened, according to her father, who, in statements to the ANSA agency, assured that the same thing had happened in at least four preliminary hearings, with the presence of representatives of the Italian Embassy.

“It is nothing new, it is not a way that has been thought of for Ilaria Salis because she is a dangerous criminal. It is systematic that detainees are treated this way in Hungary, and there are already several rulings from the European Court of Human Rights that have expressed themselves on this and have established that this modality does not comply with article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits “The detainees are subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment and that is inhuman and degrading treatment,” the activist’s lawyer Eugenio Losco told Salis was arrested on February 11 in Budapest, where she was to participate in an anti-fascist demonstration against the parade of neo-Nazi organizations that that day since the 90s have celebrated in the Hungarian capital the so-called Tag der Ehrethe “Day of Honor”, ​​to remember the failed attempt by Nazi soldiers and collaborators to break the Soviet army’s siege of the city in 1945.

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