Charles III suffers from cancer and will receive treatment, according to Buckingham Palace

Charles III, who ascended the throne just over a year ago, has been diagnosed with cancer for which he will receive treatment, according to Buckingham Palace. His spokesperson has not specified the type of illness in question.

The monarch, 75, was hospitalized a few days ago to receive treatment for prostate inflammation, but then the Palace stated that it was a “benign” condition and has now clarified that the cancer he suffers from is not prostate.

“During the recent operation to treat a benign prostate inflammation, a separate issue was noted that raised concern,” says the official note published this Monday. “Diagnostic tests have identified a type of cancer. “Her Majesty has begun a regular treatment schedule today, during which doctors have advised him to postpone duties that require her face-to-face presence.” The statement also highlights that the king wanted to share his diagnosis, although with few details, to “avoid speculation and in the hope that it will help public understanding of all cancer sufferers around the world.”

Prince Harry, who lives in the United States and has officially left the royal family, will travel to the United Kingdom in the coming days to visit his father, according to the British agency PA.

The messages of encouragement and appreciation towards Carlos III were unanimous from across the political and territorial spectrum. In addition to the Conservative Prime Minister, the leader of the Labor opposition and multiple national and local politicians, the new leader of Northern Ireland, the Republican of Sinn Féin Michelle O’Neill, and the leader of Scotland, Humza Yousaf, of the Scottish independence party , they sent him their good words.

A rookie king

Charles III replaced Elizabeth II after her death in September 2022 and was crowned in May last year. Elizabeth II’s reign was the longest in the history of the United Kingdom, lasting more than 70 years.

Next in line to the throne to Charles is Prince William, 41.

Nearly 60% of Britons believe their country should continue with the monarchy, although it is only 37% among those under 25 years of age, according to the latest YouGov survey in September. Charles III is less popular than his mother and his eldest son. 74% of adult citizens say they have “a positive view” of Guillermo, often the protagonist of laudatory covers in the conservative press and tabloids.

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