Chandrasekhar Yeleti film has no content. Versatile director seemed to come up with different concept films like ‘So’ .. ‘Unexpectedly Everyday’ .. ‘Alone’ .. ‘Travel’. Of these, ‘Aite’, ‘Unexpectedly One Day’ .. With the exception of one or two such films, Chandrasekhar has no commercial success. There is content in the story .. Chandrasekhar Yeleti could not achieve recognition with commercial success. After a long gap, the movie ‘Check’ was made to check the box office with the cult hero Nitin. And let’s see how this movie is in the review.

The story of the film has already been revealed in the trailer, teaser and promotions interviews. The film is about how the executed terrorist became a world champion in ‘chess’ and ‘checked’ his execution.

At least 40 people have been killed in a terrorist attack in the city. Aditya (Nitin) will be hanged for a crime not committed in that case. Aditya waits for forgiveness as all avenues to escape that punishment are closed. At the same time Shivannarayana (Sai ​​Chand) in jail .. recognizes Aditya’s talent and teaches chess. Aditya climbs one step out of jail and becomes a world champion. However, after the President’s pardon, Aditya wants to get out of jail. With this, the time will come for Aditya to be hanged. How did Aditya escape at that time? How did Lawyer Manasa (Rakul Preet Singh) help him? How did Aditya’s life become confined to the prison walls due to his girlfriend Yatra (Priya Prakash Warrior)? That’s the rest of the story.

What kind of master is Chandrasekhar in making different concept pictures? From such a master brain arose the story of an international chess master. Suspense .. Mind Game‌‌ .. The director started the story interestingly by showing his mark with Intelligenceజె.

Scenes where he realizes that he has a chess player in him .. Winning the National Championship from prison .. All his flashbacks are driven in armor. Although the story is revealed beforehand, the story is interestingly run. The hero characterization in particular feels thrilling. Shows a new ethic in a character with different shades. The two heroines were also used as much as the story required without showing glamor dolls.

However, by the time the pre-climax came, the story had gone awry and was far from the real situation. What kind of mark did Chandrasekhar miss in the climax? While the big task is to get the executed terrorist prisoner out of jail. Digging a tunnel and getting out of jail does not seem convincing. However, the choice of characters .. No matter how well presented they are, in many places the logic seems to be missed.

With this movie the hero Nitin chose a typical role as an actor. Nitin had earlier said that this was the film that took the most takes after the victory. Nitin did all those takeaways for this perfection. He showed a new actor in himself. Nitin appears in the same costumes as the whole movie is in jail. A prisoner who is being punished for a crime he did not commit .. filled himself with self-confidence and excelled in the role of becoming a grandmaster. Priya also impressed as a Lover Boy on the love track with Warrior. Nitin’s well-recognized role as an actor, however, came through the Czech film.

Rakul Preet Singh as the heroine .. For the first time, she acted in a role with a character scope, putting aside the glamor hangul. The lawyer was as impressive as he was mentally. Romance with the hero .. Rakul is limited to a character named Lawyer due to lack of scope in the film for things like songs. Another heroine Priya Prakash Warrior .. impressed with her glamor as long as she appeared on screen. Wink Beauty feasted on the song ‘Can’t See Yesterday’. Wink Beauty has a good role to play as she has a key theme in the story.

Saichand impressed with his amazing performance as the father of the hero in the movie Uppena .. Nitin once again mesmerized as the teacher in this movie. The story revolves around his character. He once again showed his seriousness to the audience with the role of Shivannarayana. Murali Sharma and Sampath Raj did justice to their roles as prison officials. However appearing so often in characters of this type does not seem new. Moreover, with Nitin appearing as Sampath Raj a police officer in ‘Bhishma’, the comparison seems inevitable.

Technically .. Vivek Annamalai has brought a new look to art cinema. The prison scenes feel realistic. M. Naresh Reddy’s words are a plus for this film. Philosophy seems to be heard in many places. Kalyan Malik re-recording is a plus for this film. Gave good music to suit the story. Rahul Sri Vatsav Photography is good. The prison scenes are well shown along with the action episode.

Not a Czech masterpiece movie overall but .. a good effort. Those who love sports backdrop pictures will love it. No matter what mark Chandrasekhar appears in, this ‘check’ is not in the range of checking at the box office.


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