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Children are not allowed to be vaccinated; The mother approached the court against the father

Saudi Arabia: A mother of a child has filed a lawsuit against her father for refusing to allow her children to be vaccinated against Kovid. The incident took place in Saudi Arabia. She said she could not send her children to school or lead a normal life because of her husband’s insistence. Earlier, the Ministry of Education had decided that in Saudi Arabia, adults who do not take both vaccines will not be allowed to attend school. The mother’s complaint is against this background. Also Read: Mother’s lawyer Faisal bin Turki Garbi says the case will be considered by a family court first. Under the country’s Child Protection Act, it is an offense to compromise the health of a child. The lawyer also said that both parents are responsible for the care of the children, even if they are divorced parents. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement on their children’s health and education, the family court must decide. In cases where children do not agree to be vaccinated, the court will make a decision based on their health status, the reason for the parent’s refusal, including schooling, and the opinion of a health professional. At the same time, Kovid cases are rare in Saudi Arabia. Authorities say the number of people in critical condition with Kovid has dropped to less than 150. In 24 hours, 45 people were newly diagnosed with the disease. The number of reported deaths in the country is also low. Of those treated, 41 recovered yesterday. A total of two Kovid deaths were reported in Saudi Arabia yesterday. 5,47,402 people were cured. The number of Kovid cases reported now is less compared to last year


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